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Slavery was abolished in the United States with the ratification of the 13th Amendment in December 1865. But inequality and racial segregation continued across the South.

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Just to correct a typo: the GCA is 1968.

Kenn, I would like to cite your information about slavery and white gun control of blacks on the United States subjugation of people of color. May I have your permission to do so and is there a specific manner that you would like it cited? This would be for an university class I instruct. It is called Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice.

I am impressed that more and more people of color are seeing just how important the Second Amendment is to protecting their freedoms. Lots of folks do not see the danger in gun control. They forget how Stalin, Hitler and Mao took away the peoples right to own firearms and killed millions of their citizens, especially minorities and people of color. This was done under the guise of legality. I fear we are headed in the same direction. Thank you


Welcome to the Community, @John310! You are more than welcome to use the blog article! Please be sure to cite Kenn as the author and the USCCA Blog article as the source.

Let me know if you need anything else! :slight_smile:

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@Dawn Wow! As a 2nd Amendment loving black American I love this blog title! So many of us are afraid to be vocal gun owners or even know why we should keep a firm grip on this fundamental right! Without understanding history we are doomed to repeat our past.


I’d like to point out the fact that the NRA has played a role in suppressing rights for black gun owners. Yep, your beloved NRA. They supported and played a huge role in the passing of the Mulford Act signed into law by Reagan. As soon as blacks wanted carry in public Reagan and the NRA said no

@Mr_Phil_76. I to am a person of color and I also stand for the 2A. I love that more people of color are waking up and getting educated as well as trained in this present day. I stand in solidarity with anybody who stands for the right thing, no matter the skin color.


@John310. I love that you’d take Organic Truth, and teach this history to your students. Yes, the system doesn’t want Organic Truth to be told, the correct way. I must say, Thank You!

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@Tarise Welcome to the community. Thank you for exercising your 2A rights, your in good company here. :wink:

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I stumbled upon an article today, which made me see gun ownership in an even different light. Listening to the young lady in this attached video and article (linked below), made me think how many years ago, reportedly, many individuals in the U.S. did not have a right to purchase and own a firearm, and how we have come a long way. It made me feel or sense just how precious such rights are. Whereas, perhaps I took such rights for granted. We stand on their shoulders.