NJ John Wick Qualification Test

I’m surprised you don’t have to be blindfolded, holding a mirror, with your back to the target!


Exactly, and thanks for finding and posting that, outdated and not real world. And another thing I noticed is that the writer saying the point shoulder was the Weaver stance. The Weaver stance is the direct opposite of point shoulder shooting. The point shoulder is the old bullseye strong hand only stance, and yes exposes your side toward threat. It is a competitive stance. Oh, and not one shooting station involved shooting from cover.


25 yards

Even John Wick’s fight scenes using a handgun were mostly with 15 yards


More like 5 feet :grinning:


This NJ test seems to be similar if not identical to the current FBI qualification test:

It’s actually not all that difficult. I scored 94 out of 100 on my first try and I hadn’t live fire practiced in quite awhile before trying the test. My couple misses were due to going faster than I needed to. I had never really shot with a timer before and wasn’t sure how fast I needed to go.

But I did the test with a larger pistol. It would be a lot more challenging with some of the really small pocket pistols and would take an awful lot of practice to get it done with a 5 shot snub nosed revolver since you would have to reload and fire on the clock to complete some of the tests that weren’t supposed to require a reload.


Reminds me of your recent post on point shooting in relation to
accuracy and speed


The timer definitely helps to figure out just how fast you can go and still be acceptably accurate.

I did that FBI test a few years ago before my health event and about the time I was just starting to work on getting a flash sight picture before each shot. I need to redo the test now to see how my skills compare.