New Youtube channel for training vids

Hi All,

I’m an instructor in the Chicago suburbs and last weekend I started a Youtube channel offering training tips, drills, etc… I’ve only got a few videos uploaded so far, but the channel is only a week old.

So here I am pimping myself out looking for new subscribers, some likes, any ideas for upcoming videos, things like that. Yes, I know I’ve got a couple too many “umms” in some of these, but what can I say, I’m still camera shy, lol.

Anyways, link is:

I also do advanced rifle/pistol classes and tactical classes, so if anyone’s in the area looking for these types of classes and wants to sign up that’s awesome too.

Appreciate hearing what some of you have to say!


Aurora Sportsmen’s Club :love_you_gesture:
I love this Range.

Do you want to hear good stuff… or negatives as well? :wink:


Keep up the good work. The more you do it the better it will get! Do not get discouraged.


I’ve got no issue taking criticism - pobody’s nerfect, but let’s not make it a, “Pile on Joe” session. I know I need to work on my video editing skills as well.

One thing that would be helpful is topics or drills for future videos. I’ve already got a lot of drills I want to put in some future videos, but would still like to put additional content on there.


Thanks Todd. Looking forward to it!


Keep up the good work and I already subscribed to the channel. You need to start somewhere and you have taken the first step.


@JoeC … there won’t be single word which criticizes you. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really admire your move with YT Channel. It is not easy to show yourself in front of thousands viewers, hoping for good reviews and likes… but also accepting stupid or negative comments. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway… you actually found all the things I wanted to point.

  1. :point_down:
  1. :point_down:
  1. :point_down: this is only my observation from other YT Channels

Try to make something with background noise (other mic, filters or editing). This is the most disturbing part during watching videos.

All other things are good. I, personally, prefer watching and supporting local Instructors. You are also USCCA Instructor, so be sure we will expect you to show us all drills used by USCCA :wink:

As you have posted:

but you got a good start ! I’m sure every new video is gonna be better and better.

Keep up the good work :love_you_gesture:


On my YT channel, I have found that the lighting is a problem but most of all the microphone system. Some have said they can not always hear me on the video. By the way, My videos are on cooking.


A pic of @Todd30 grilling steaks on his YT Cooking channel. :sunglasses:



I’ve always had another @Todd30’s image in my head.

OK… enough… let’s go back to @JoeC :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nicely done. subscribed.


Thanks, Daniel. And thanks!


Yeah, I’ve always been un-creative, so it’s hard for me to come up with stuff like an intro, outro, or random other stuff in the middle. But I’m trying. And as Homer Simpson told us, trying is the first step towards failure! Thanks, Homer.

I kid, of course.


Jerzy har det rätt.


:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Hi Joe, I found this Thread on the Shooter’s Forum in my e-mail at 3:35 A.M. ( Insomniac ) I went and watched the 25 Yard Run video. I’m an Obcessive and I read the info that is beneath the video’s that I watch, At 3:35 I missed that there was the “Show More” for a minute or Two where you comment about the reason for the Drill. I’d like to see a “Comparison” of Before & After. I suggest doing a “At Rest walk up to the target shooting” & cover your shots with the stick on spots. Do your “Run” and end by showing the target at the end of the video to make the point that is the Topic of the Video as a Graphic Representation to end the video.


Consider a 2nd site. I no longer click on or redist youtube links due to their censorship.


I will work on that, thank you!


Hi Pat, thanks for the comment. I will work on one of those videos as a demo, but in the mean time until I’m able to make the video, to see the difference, hold out your hand for a few seconds and see how much it shakes. Then run 25 or 50 yards, with or without some weight (the vest I’m wearing is 20 pounds with no mags on it), and hold out your hand. Probably will be shaking a bit from the adrenaline from running and from your heart beating faster. That’s the gist of the drill.

If you don’t get an idea of how much you can shake with adrenaline flowing and your heart beating then during a violent confrontation you may throw shots one way or another. And remember, you’re responsible for every round that comes out of your gun.

I really do appreciate the comment and suggestion, keep them coming! :smiley:


Cute, brings back memories. But to the topic keep trucking friend.