New York to Virginia....Hold My Beer

New York takes a different approach to make sure no one can buy a gun unless given permission by a mental health professional.

Just shaking my head over here in Free America… :worried:


I have taken dozens of psych evals and they all suck. I truly believe they are subjective. I have been in le for over 26 years, carried a gun since I was 18 and still do today. I went for a job at a local amusement park and it was for armed security. I had to take a psych and guess what I failed it. I failed it while still employed in my le job. I was told or asked by the VP if I had a disease called Cushin Disease,and of course I said yes it was on my psych paperwork and job app. So the VP let slip that the reason I failed was that the shrink didn’t think I could or would respond appropriately in an emergency situation. No I am prior combat veteran, and still le and I wont know how to or just wont respond. Well I called the shrink and let him have it and he tried to say that the reason I did not get the job was because I failed my eval miserably. So I guess NY is gonna be worse than Cali., so glad I do not live there or run my gun business there.

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Punitive psychiatry. Welcome to USSA.


Just another example of using healthcare as a tool for gun control.

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I said this in another thread about this. I have written my letters and talked with those who will listen.

This will not happen.

Today’s politicians are a joke. My own Republican Senator says there’s nothing he can do to help us against Cuomo and his laws. I cry BS. Put thousands of us in Albany at the meetings!


This is wild. And now H.R. 127 wants to make this a federal policy. This is a quick way to make buying guns and ammo very painful, which is their tactic. This way, they’re not banning our guns, or saying we can’t have and use them. They’re saying, “We’re going to make it very expensive for you to own guns” thus reducing the number of gun owners. Then, 6, 8, 10, or 20 years down the road, there won’t be enough support to fight a larger gun ban. It’s a sick, twisted plan.

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That is EXACTLY how England lost their rights to be armed.