New to us holster

My wife was on line and a new to us Holster company had its add on line
the VNSH Holster co. out of Colorado makes belly bands for conceal carry
I looked it over and said sure order one, wile ordering a add appeared said get a second one for 1/2 price …why not and the order was filled.
ordered on 4/27 got here today 5/2 USPS.
set it up for my S&W Shield in 45 ACP.
and strapped it on, it hugs the body really well and the retention strap is
held together with magnates and a center pin configuration.
if someone tried to grab my pistol they would drag me around and it wouldn’t come out.
to draw just grab the grip, bump the latch with your thumb and out it comes.
the holster is made out of CORDURA and the band is out of hi quality
band material
very comfortable to wear so far standing ,sitting ect.
I am right on the border line of needing the extension belt

check them out at



This looks very nice though I personally prefer the belly bands with an attached kydex holster for the pistol.

My reasons being I wouldn’t completely trust a piece of fabric to keep the trigger from being depressed if it gets poked hard by a stick or the corner of a table, etc. The straps also get in the way of the draw for me since instead of going straight for a full shooting grip I have to use a thumb or a finger to open the strap which slows things down a little bit and could be even more difficult under stress or during a struggle.

But that’s just my personal preferences. A lot of folks really like the all fabric belly bands.


Nope for me.
Another “Amazon” type holster… :thinking:

It looks to me like just another somewhat improved belly band. Belly bands have their place, but are not optimum for rapid draw. Further, if not fitted with a proper holster, they can be dangerous.
It can be more pricey, but I am convinced the next generation of no-belt holster is the PHLster Enigma, fitted with the specific Kydex holster for your carry gun. Fit, adjustability, reliability, concealability, and usability for actual draw to fire are all much better with an Enigma system than any belly band.

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That Enigma actually looks interesting to me.
Wonder how well it works for those of us with a spare tire??
They always show skinny models :thinking: