New to Guns - lack of ability to rent to shoot in Memphis

Welcome to the Family. All the firearms you are naming are pretty good. From the reviews I have read watched the P365xl is the better. I’m ordering the P365xl NRA. Edition

My EDC is my MP Compact 2.0. Check it out. Everyone that handles it falls in love with it


Yes I agree with the suggestion of hikok45 and also sootch both are good YouTube people and are fair with their reviews.


I got to shoot the 43X, 48, and the 365 XL. I shot equally crappy with all of them. I could not tell a difference in the recoil. They all felt good in the hand but the grip of the Sigg was a little bit better for me. Shoot point blank will sell me the Glock 43X for 499, the 365 for 519 and the XL for 599. They were on back order for the 48

A friend sent me over to a shop where the police shop and they had the XL for 579. One thing they had that I’ve never seen in Memphis was a police tactical version of the 365 that comes with a holster and comes with a three 12 round magazine also. With that configuration it feels as long in the grip as the XL. The big difference is it comes with the round trigger handle and XL comes with the flat. Now the price of that is only $549 and that’s the way I’m leaning but I did not shoot well with the regular 365. They do not have the 12 round magazine that they could put into the regular 365 to let me test fire it.

All three of those guns felt good on me. But given that I have more magazines and bigger capacity and the free holster with that please tag version of the 365, that’s the way I’m going but I would like more experience people to let me know that I’m not making a mistake and then I’m just overthinking the trigger


Triggers matter a great deal concerning accuracy. A flat faced trigger works well for a lot of people, myself included, as it provides leverage and in the case of the 365 feels lighter, but also makes it easier for some to have a better smoother press that doesn’t disturb sight alignment and sight picture as much.

With that being said, you are purchasing a pistol intended to conceal and use for self defense. The purpose of those particular guns isn’t to shoot a super tight group at 10+ yards, but to be “combat accurate” meaning you can put multiple shots center mass relatively quickly with training. For that purpose I feel like most would agree the triggers on both your considering are good enough.

At the end of the day I think you’ll be happy with either version of the 365. For the price you get a very good pistol from a reputable manufacturer with a decent, some argue good, trigger and in my opinion the best day/night sights on the market. The extra length of the XL is gonna give you slightly better ballistics and possibly improve accuracy when shooting at the range. The original 365 is ultra concealable and a fine performer. If the flat face trigger is your hold up for the 365 Sig sales the trigger shoe for 50 bucks or so and any gun store can perform that for you if you can’t or don’t want to mess with it. Ive posted the link to the flat faced trigger below:


That seems like a good deal. I’m not familiar with the “police tactical” features. The three mags make it sound like a good deal.

I think I’m the one who may have said to get a gun that’s been around for a while. I think the Hellcat would be a safe option if you like it. I have seen nothing but good on it, it’s made by a reputable company (maybe not politically but they make good products), and the magazine capacity is really good for the size.

If I were in the market for a carry gun, I would lean twards the Glock 43x. I was not a fan of the gun at first because it’s a fairly large gun with a lower capacity than the P365, BUT you can now buy reliable 15 round magazines for it…

I know it’s a hard selection, but the guns you are looking at are so much better than what was available just a few years ago. You will be happy with any of the guns you’ve mentioned.

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I like TFB.

Lucky Gunner is good

I like Mr. Gunner

I definitely agree with the Hickock suggestion. He shoots a ton of guns and gives his impressions. He’s very respectful and family friendly too. TFB can be “adult”, but I like them because they (at least they claim) don’t get paid to give good reviews. They have negaitive reviews on some products. I believe them, and I think they are very objective with their reviews. They are also very entertaining.

Lucky gunner is family friendly, but they don’t have a huge selection of individual gun reviews. They do awesome ballistic tests with ammo though.

Other channels I like, Colion Noire, Military Arms, Justin Oppinion.

I do like the Sooch Channel. He shows you the firearms in a really detailed way, BUT I have never seen a negative review from him. So I still visit his channel, but it’s more to look at the guns if that makes sense.


Jeff: I had a friend accompany me and he is into competitions and so was my salesperson. They said they would swap it out for me later if I wanted a flat trigger but as I am not into competitions, I am overthinking it.

Got the 365 Tac. Trying to post pics

Scout Bob- I liked the 43X over the 48 when I fired it. I think I liked the grip of the sig a little more and the 3 12-round mags kinda sealed the deal



Absolutely! A quick google showed me that’s at least a $120 worth of magazines :+1:.


Personal recommendation … see what works, but I love the 43x. My fiancee has one, I did but I wound up trading mine in. I’m a strong Glock supporter, although I personally only own one myself now (but that will change!)…

A 43x runs $380.00 or so with the GSSF Purchas Program … roughly blue label pricing, varies by shop but the “MSRP” for it is $380 … you join GSSF for 2+ year term (they have a rule, for “obvious” reasons that single-year memberships aren’t eligible for GSSF pricing…

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I am thinking that I pull the trigger and using more hand action than my finger and that is causing the gun to go left and making me miss the target. Make sense?


Yes! This is normal. A discussion on this started here the other day. Lots of ways to work on trigger control.