New Shooters: How Should You Carry?

For a long time, I did not understand how people could carry at 4:00 without printing. So, for a long time I carried at 2:00 with a forward cant such that the top of the slide rode into the crease that forms at the top of the thigh when you sit down. The only drawback was limited access to the right front pocket, so my knife had to move to the right rear pocket.

Turns out not printing @ 4:00 is pretty easy - don’t bend over at the waist :grinning: ! Instead of bending over to pick up that lucky penny, take a knee to get down there. It not only prevents printing, but maintains better situational awareness and quicker response if needed. Sit upright with good posture and sure enough the grip stays right on your back.

So, I have moved my knife back to the front pocket and kept the forward cant to make the draw easier (for me at least).


Summer? Are you wearing shorts? :flushed::laughing::joy::rofl:

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I think it is obvious how you carry is found by trial & error with practice. Two words I believe in are Daily & Safely.

BTW my medical insurance deductible makes picking up a penny potentially not cost effective, even if it is a lucky one!


Right? Every time I drop something I ask myself if what I dropped is worth the effort/ risk of picking it up.
Few years ago I was taking Kav Maga. I finally told the instructor I had to quit the class because I only had a finite number of “get up off the grounds” left in me and didn’t want to use them up in class.


New to Carry: OWB new holster… IWB new holster & new pants. :laughing: New to carry starting in winter months I started with OWB to get comfortable carrying without to much worrying about printing. Practicing on how each movement form sitting, standing, removing garment or putting garment back on in public has been main focus. Spring will bring new challenges (new pants).
How Should You Carry will become natural with time and practice.


I think it is totally wrong to carry behind the back. If weapon gets exposed a bystander has more control of your weapon than you do. Agree with the 330 position.

You remind me that m first instructor would have it no other way! OWB at 3 or 9 creates far less chance of a poorly controlled muzzle.