New Shooter: Prioritizing your purchases?

Loving this topic… We’ve gone from a start list of 5-6 items to another with 17 or so. And thus is the rationalization process that firearms & accessories retailers love about us.

As a new shooter, you really need ear & eye protection, yep… a range bag, sure… ammo, obviously… etc. etc. … (90 posts later)… and if you really want to get the most out of your gun, you’ll want extra mags, customized with anodized extensions in your favorite color… a laser would be a good investment, both red and green just in case… a daytime holster, and a nighttime holster… oh, and a holster for formal occasions… and getting a custom stipple on your grip really adds to how the gun feels… :crazy_face:

Welcome to the Community @Darwin1 .
There were few people, but these are not seem to be priority.

Yep, gonna need a holster unless they plan on walking around carrying it in their hand (not advised).

Hopefully new shooters don’t plan on walking around carrying without visiting range first… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m all for prioritizing. It’s way too easy to convince yourself you need more junk, and that junk will eventually consume your attention, resources and space, interfering with learning and maintaining shooting skills.
There is nothing wrong with being a hobbyist, in fact there is a lot right about approaching shooting as a hobby. If you keep it fun, you’ll enjoy it more and you’ll shoot more and hopefully improve.
Just be aware things can get out of hand if you lose sight of your goals.
A good book on the subject (Ayoob, or Nonte) to read while waiting to pick up your pistol,
Secure storage at home and in transport,
Gun, with it’s owner’s manual
Safety ----eyes and ears
Ammo, targets and cleaning supplies.
Carry permit (if that’s how it’s done in your State)
USCCA membership
Magazines or speed loaders
Leather (or leather-oid)
More training
More ammunition
More targets