New Shooter Monday: Racking the slide the EZ way

Racking the slide can be a daunting task for those who are new to firearms. It’s a motion most of us do not make outside of the firearms arena.

The M&P Shield EZ is a great gun for those new to firearms to rack the slide on as it gives them a chance to practice the appropriate motion/grip on an easy-to-manipulate firearm.

That is not saying that everyone should run out and buy an EZ or that it will be the best gun for everyone to use. It is a great gun, but it might not be the best gun for you.

You can find out more about the EZ here:

If you’ve ever shot the EZ, share your thoughts about it below!


It’s one of those guns that a soon as you handle them your brain goes, “How the hell did they do that?!?!?!”. Great gun for those lacking the hand strength to rack a regular slide.


The M&P EZ380 falls in line with the Sig P238. Compact, easy to fire, and easy slide to manipulate. And, I don’t want to have a .380 pointed at me.


Actually the EZ380/9mm are not new in design or function. This type of pistol came out in 1903/ an upgraded by caliber in 1908. Its origin is in the Colt Hammerless .32acp pistol. It like the EZ pistols came with concealed hammer, grip safety. Of course the newer guns are locked breech unlike the .32acp an .380acp pistols both of which were blowback in design, an created by the great John M. Browning.
Originally I purchased the EZ380 after already owning two of the Colt Hammerless pistols. I really like the .380 version, but once I got my hands on the 9MM version I was totally sold, an now the 9MM model is my primary carry gun. Out to 50yds the little pistols will keep all shots inside a 6" circle rapid fire, an will shot tighter slow fire. She really loves the Hornady defensive loads an its all I carry in my 9MM pistols.
Granted the EZ pistols were originally designed to help people who had issues with racking the slide an reloading the pistol magazines, however I feel these pistols would be great for anyone who is looking to get a smaller, but not to small, pistol for CCW. Now mine is the Performance Series version, so it has a better trigger, comp/ported barrel, better sights with tritium inserts, an frame mounted 1911 style safeties.
What I would like to see SW do is come out with a similar sized gun, EZ style, .45ACP EZ. Now that would to me be an “Be All to End All” CCW pistol. With all the upgrades the EZ offers in .45ACP I think it would be a great CCW pistol. As to other handguns I own, except for a couple of Ruger pistol’s all my primary firearms are S&W. I know some folks have issues with them due to the old Clinton 94 crime bill an some other dumb choices they have made over the years, I really like their M&P line of pistols. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy an like a lot of other firearms out there, its just that this is my pick for my needs.
First M&P is my 4.25" 9MM/17rd pistol. She is modified with a KKM threaded barrel mounting a Carver Comp, Apex trigger(4lb pull), Trijicon night sights, an ambi 1911 style thumb safeties. Standing unsupported with two hand hold she’ll (with my 64yr old eye’s) cut a 2" circle at 25yds all day. She’s my Fall/Winter CCW gun, especially when having to travel or being outside most of the day, P.S. she also wears a set of Talon grips, as do all my handguns, Talon grips is the best thing you can do to your handguns!!
Second is another M&P, but this one is the model that S&W sent to the military back when they were doing their handgun trials. She’s a 5" M&P FDE finish also with a KKM barrel threaded for AAC suppressor, same Apex trigger, Trijicon suppressor height night sights, ambi safeties, plate cut for adding a dot later on, this is my tactical pistol. You may be able to retire the soldier, but you can’t take the Army out of the soldier after 21yrs.
As to the rest of my gear, I have a MP-15 set up for me, an a couple of braces of revolvers, all S&W. Well that was probably more info than needed, but I hope you enjoyed what I wrote.

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My wife has the .380 EZ and I think she loves the it more than me. :slight_smile:

She wasn’t really comfortable with the 9s myself and my son where using and I wasn’t about to encourage her to use a weapon she wasn’t comfortable with so I we looked around until we found something she liked and could handle. I can’t even remember how we ran across it. I think we were talking about the trouble she was having racking the sliders on the larger calibers while at one of the ranges we go to and one of the guys behind the counter said “Hang on . . why don’t you try this”.

And that was all she wrote.

While I prefer my Walther, I enjoy shooting her EZ as well.

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