Never chase any one that is not running away

Once they are Leaving let them go and call ,911, DO NOT ENGAGE , IF NOT A THREAT


That is a very good rule of thumb

It’s about as close to an absolute as you can get


Unless they stole your baby like just happened in a Canadian mall last week. :scream:


That is pretty much the general idea in my mind making it a non-absolute. You want to make the least violent, most avoidance-prone, most easy going laid back wouldn’t hurt a fly not even with a bug-a-salt person into your worst enemy who will literally follow you through the gates of hell to eat your soul regardless of the consequences, try to take their child. All bets are off.

Fortunately in the case you are referencing, nobody seemed to actually want to kidnap, just a few years off the parents’ life in nerves for the 15 minutes it took to make off with the credit cards that were also in the car.

Parents: Don’t get out of your car with the keys in it or it running, even standing a few feet away.