The way no one was there the way they expected me to have it all the words used to tones the misguided regrets the feeling is and the company calls. Nevermind to those that knew just because I am better than you in every single way. Not to much pressure through. Unspoken words. Not to much pain neither. Only line of communication, but to who? You. One thing you can never say is that I did not try to tell you about the abuse that took place. (Feelings) All I can say is that I learned. Will never offer forgiveness or become too forgetful. My life. I Gotta know when no means no. And when to stand my own kids grounds . One thing I did hate was the lapses and the memories. You can have it all and mean nothing to every one you thought to open up to. Weird how much a person can take and show sympathy for those that scared. (Age) is and will always be a factor. Never can say that I did not care. Will end.

(From: _ the start to the finish)


Where does one go from here?

Even though ten people will tell you it means something else.

When we bury our sins so deep we can’t find them all we can do is dig.

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Hello and welcome @Nathan114

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@Chauncy - What is the issue? I do not understand your post.


How can one not understand? It is English.

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Welcome to the community.I could try to re-type his message in all capital letters if you think it will help.

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Yup… I think he’s playing in the same shallow end of the kiddy pool. :roll_eyes:
Ohhh, wait, obstructed.


Or where it is too deep for most to venture.

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@Nathan114 Welcome to the community!

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I am feeling a deep seated sense of guilt Chauncy. We can try to help but you must be more clear on what you have experienced. I feel that you are trying to reach out for help and that many here are indeed sympathizing with your need. If you want our help please open up more clearly as we are not able to define what you are seeking through how you convey it through your posts.

If you cannot find that way to express what you are feeling please seek professional help. Nobody here is of ill will to a person in need, but you must relate clearly what you seek for us to understand.


Posted in miscellaneous, and fun humorous….

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Random strings of words that have next to nothing to do with any of the tags, isn’t fun or humorous.

I’m still on board with a poorly written AI chat bot.

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To top it off, she’s (Kamala) in charge of “The Office of Gun Violence”, but has no knowledge of firearms, and no training in handling firearms, much less knows nothing of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, and NEITHER does her “BOSS” Resident Joke BiteMe, Leader of the UNITED STATES of the UK.


The confusion is directed at Chauncy’s OP.
Chauncy need to be more clear in the message.

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IDK. How fun and humorous would that be¿

IDK what makes you think he can’t express what he is feeling. I think what he can’t express what we are feeling. If you could start doing that @Chauncy we would appreciate it. We clearly understand what you are saying we just don’t know how to respond in an appropriate way. Some help in that area would also be appreciated.