Need a new safe

BTW, occasionally they have dent and ding sales, although IMHO the last safe I saw was beyond repair, it still opened and closed and locked, looked like it it had been dropped from a high shelf.


Any cheap safe that’s bolted to the floor and wall is going to be better than an expensive safe that isn’t. If they have the opportunity, time, and tools to get into a <$1000 safe that’s properly secured, they’ll probably get into the expensive safe, too.

I’m also a fan of having my real safe hidden, and put a decoy where they expect it. If you show someone what they’re looking for, they stop looking.


I was able to order the door through home Depot. Wasn’t in stock. The deadbolt is just a key entry. As soon as I put a combination lock on it of some sort it becomes all the more obvious so I chose not to.


You made me think of when flying, even in small planes, or boating. If we have to pack our firearms, should I invest in a case and bag both which have hi vis neon colors and float on water, just in case of an accident. Guess I’d have to pack the ammo separate to keep the weight down, but also in floatable containers. IDK. Too rare of a need I guess.