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On Dec. 14, 2019, Americans placed 2.2 million wreaths on the graves of veterans at 2,158 locations scattered throughout the U.S. In Arlington National Cemetery alone, 38,000 volunteers distributed 254,000 wreaths. This national tradition of wreath-laying began 28 years ago when a Maine native and owner of a wreath company desired to show his respect to our veterans and to thank them for their service. National Wreaths Across America Day has since become a national movement involving millions of Americans.

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Its pretty cool when a nation can come together and show support to those that help defend the greatest nation in the world, God bless them all an America. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We have been doing this since 2012. My dad, who served in Patton’s 3rd Army in WWII, went to his eternal home with God in 2011. We learned of this from our friend up the street as she had been placing one on her deceased husbands gravesite in years past. It is so wonderful to see these wreaths on the gravesites of these military soldiers, seamen and airmen who have passed on. Thanks to those who volunteer to place them

Thanks for bringing this to attention. It truly is a great way to honor our fallen and have an educational family / church / school activity.

Merry Christmas and Semper Fi.

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What an amazing idea. On this very important day in our great American history, I would like to share a short thought. When we visited the Arlington Cemetery about three years ago, I immediately felt like I was on hallowed ground. The sense of honor and commitment is the very air you breath when you are there. Watching the changing of the Guard, I was deeply moved by the young men who have chosen a life very different than nearly every person their age around them. There is truly greatness among us. Those brave soldiers are way at the top of the list. God Bless America.

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