Napolitano weighs in on the gun panic

Some reasonable words from judge Napolitano


What he said is right. We have to use our firearms to stop the criminals.
“…the way to stop these mass killings is to have well trained civilians armed” , “…no civilian fire power, the bad guys will know it”… that’s 100% truth.


Napolitano is a rabid libertarian and anti interventionist but on this one I absolutely agree with him.

It’s intolerable that it’s any more acceptable to discriminate against our 2nd Amendment Rights than it is to discriminate against us based on our other protected rights.


I don’t always agree with judge Napolitano but he lays it out very clearly here. All this Red Flag and assault weapons BS is headed to the Supreme Court


It’s just a matter of time and process. The NRA ILA and other pro 2nd Defense organizations are already in the process of preparing and filing the suits.

Napolitano has some pretty whacky opinions at times but he’s a rabid libertarian, atty, and jurist and a true civil rights warrior.

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Here is an article on Red Flag Laws that I think makes very good points.

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Excellent read. This stands out to me.

On top of all this, only about 25 percent of all mass shooters had been clinically declared mentally ill before the carnage occurred. Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control organization, says only about half the gunmen in mass shootings even exhibit warning signs before the killings. How does that help us with the other half?

We don’t have a gun crisis in the US, we have a crisis of morality and mental health.

Before we go jumping off of the bridge passing new laws and regulations out of emotion would it not make sense to fix the system and enforce the laws already on the box?

Something that often goes ignored in these discussions is the fact that if we go overboard here, millions of people who have some issues but are not currently dangerous as well as many who are but are as yet unidentified that might otherwise seek treatment for their problems will avoid it out of fear of being targeted and losing their rights.

The end result of that going overboard is that we could quite conceivably make our mental health crisis exponentially worse it could trigger an even greater problem with mass murders not only with firearms but the likely alternatives which are much worse such as explosives, incendiaries and large vehicles being plowed into crowds.

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