My 85 year old F-I-L

Is watching tv, looks up to find a stranger standing in his apt. It’s a gated complex, but somehow this perp gets in. After climbing over patio fences, frightening other tenants he ends up in my F-I-L’s place. F-I-L yells at him to get out, but the perp doesn’t so my F-I-L cuts loose with his flashlight stun gun and the perp takes off.
The police catchup with him, he’s on meth and had an axe hidden under his shirt.
BTW it took the police 40 minutes to respond.


Good on him. :+1: We are truly on our own. :upside_down_face:


Don’t really think a stun gun will help an older gent against a drug infused axe murdering whack job. He’s a lucky man. Help him close up his living space & get him something better.


It appears it gave a false sense of security.
He has to keep doors locked.

Do they also have guards at the gate who log who’s in and out of the complex?

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@John292 Glad your F-I-L was able to take care of that perp, but had things gone wrong boy 40 minutes too late to respond, that’s unbelievable. :astonished:

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I’m glad to see your F-I-L was not hurt. Great for him on defending his home.

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