Movie theaters conceled carry

Are there a list of movie theaters that are gun friendly?


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You might try the iPhone app “Posted.”

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As far as I am concerned all movie theaters are gun friendly as long as there are no metal detectors. I don’t think it’s federal law to not have a firearm concealed with proper licenses. It’s like Starbucks. They just don’t want you safe on their premises.
I have to admit after taking my grandson to see Batman the day after that shooting, I have only been to one movie since and yes I carried. There was no way I would not have been armed.
I don’t do movie theaters anymore. I don’t patronize any business that are not friendly to my values, rights and freedoms.
If you want to be a sitting duck in a “Gun FreeZone” be my guest. Gun Free zones are essentially killing fields and that’s what anti 2A folks are all about. They are blood thirsty and the more shootings that take place at soft targets the more (ammo) (no pun intended) they will have to reach their goal of repealing the second amendment. These are the facts, this is not a conspiracy theory it’s happening every week. More states are turning blue and due process is a thing of the past.


I guess it depends on your state’s laws. I carry in my local theater. If they ask me to go I’ll happily comply. If no one sees it then no one cares. Better safe than sorry.


If a person “conceal” carries, all places are gun ‘friendly’, whatever that means. No business is going to post a sign or message on their website that invites guns in. Businesses with anti-gun signs are all you will ever see.

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Along the lines of what the others have said…don’t ask, don’t tell.

If they happen to observe you carrying (for whatever reason, you’re open carrying or maybe you aren’t as concealed as you thought) and ask you not to, then you can politely ask for a refund and depart without making a scene and then you know.

That’s my standard approach to all businesses. The Post office and other Federally prohibited places excluded of course.

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Theater here is owned by a company reputed to be anti gun. No signs at the doors, no easily seen info on guns on their website. If I go, I am armed. If they ask me to leave, I will leave.

The “Posted” app is cool. Needs more people using it to list the places.

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I have seen a few “Guns Welcome” signs in the South… Makes me want to go in and buy something from them. But, no, not very often.


That goes both ways. If the law states you MAY carry your weapon into a Movie T. and the owners then decide to forbid guns, they run the risk of being sued for requiring customers to leave their weapons in the car if a patron cannot defend themselves during an attack. We currently have the same issue being discussed at our church. In my state churches are off limits for carry UNLESS the Pastors allow it with written policies or signs to that affect, being posted. At one point our State Congress had a bill to allow churches into the allowed places list. It is stuck right now on the floor. Our Pastors would NOT post No Gun signs if such a law passed. They are afraid of the legal implications under the current climate, meaning to post signs allowing guns when the law says NO. Its not a decision to be taken lightly where 3000 people are involved. To us the decision is an easy one but in reality its not so clear cut IF the nightmare comes to pass at your place of worship. We have multiple LE in uniform on the premises while this issue is being debated.