Mommy’s Home: Life-Changing Live-Fire Shoot House | USCCA

“OK, Beth. You’ve just arrived home. But there’s somebody in your house … and your loved ones need your help.”

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That is the best article I’ve ever read from BA. Truly top notch!


Great article.

This is a real motivator to continue to train. Of course we could train for this in our own residences but then I thought to myself while reading this story that I think people would come in droves to their own local SHOOT HOUSE if there was one. Then began thinking about how I could buy or rent a building to make a SHOOT HOUSE for people in my area to practice real scenario situations like the one in this story we just read. A small fee would be required in order to pay the rent and cover the costs for firearm instructors to monitor the drills to grade the participants.

Maybe others reading this will think about opening their own. Here in NC we are required to take an 8 hour in person concealed carry course before we can apply for a CC permit but no further training is required after that to hone your skills. I’d like to hear how others feel about my statements.

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This is an outstanding article. I took FASTER level I and II with John Benner and company at Tactical Defense Institute in Ohio. This is a class designed for educators who carry concealed at a school. The experience consists in mindset training, dry fire, live fire, tactics and a significant focus on managing the medical aftermath of an active shooter event. It includes several trips through live fire shoot houses and culminates with force on force simulations of the kind of violence we were training to respond to. Honestly, I didn’t find the training I took to be “fun.” The instructors bring you face to face with the reality of evil and then teach you how to respond to it. I’ve never read an article that captures the emotional roller coaster ride and the sobriety of the training I received until I read this article. Beth’s articles are always top notch. This is my first time commenting. From one educator to another, well done and well said. Thank you for presenting this material.


Steven: I applaud your idea. I’m fortunate to have received some training (see my post below) in addition to what is required for my three CCW permits. From personal experience and as Beth pointed out, shoot houses and force on force are where it is at in terms of training, stress inoculation, etc. I’ve searched for local shoot houses in my resident state (which is pretty gun friendly) and they are few and far between for civilians. We need more of these experiences.

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