Mobile app

I can’t seem to find the community topics on my app. I must go online and sign in to see. Please advise

There are more threads about USCCA App and Community Mobile version, but these above should clarify the topic.

It seems everyone is asking. I don’t see any response

On the mobile app… go to uscca top left scroll all the way down to about uscca and you will find community.

August 28th:

I don’t have the USCCA icon at the top. I have current and favorite in the news feed. Current and archive on the ccm tab. And more … gives me a list but not community. I’ll keep looking

Hi @Brian176, the USCCA Community is currently not part of the USCCA App itself. Many people create a permanent bookmark on their phone’s home screen from the browser of their choice.

This thread can show you how to make that permanent bookmark on your phone’s home screen depending on the operating system you use:

During the redesign of the app, I am hoping that the Community is incorporated to make it easier to access the Community from your phone. :slight_smile:


You are my hero. Thank you

I don’t understand… I pull up “Community” on the mobile app all the time…

I just did it from the mobile app… go to the USCCA label (not icon)…