MN not as anti 2A as you think

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


Thank you Craig9. MN is on my bucket list to spend time in. Really appreciate it. Stay safe, stay healthy.


Spend time as in help us pay taxes, or a couple weeks in the outdoors? There is a difference. :joy:

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That’s great and all, but MN’s state laws still are what they are and there are still a whole host of law enforcement agencies that will be more than happy to enforce the (many) control laws.

I have family in MN and I visit, so I’ve looked a lot into it/dealt with it indirectly for the family and directly as a visitor. It’s not so hot.

But, it’s not NY/NJ/HI either.


At least you found something positive. Thank you for your input. It’s greatly appreciated.

And what gun laws have you been up against here that have required dealing with? Just a curious resident that has had really no issues thus far.

Looks kinda similar to the situation in CA.

Unfortunately that isn’t working out too well for the folks in the pro self defense rural areas which cover the vast majority of the State.

Same thing is starting to happen here in AZ. Urban areas have the vast majority of the voters. We need to find ways to reach that audience and get more of them on our side or our rights are all gonna get flushed down the toilet.


I find that over the last couple years I’ve been doing a larger number of classes made up of more and more “urban” attendees. Hope this is a hint as to the direction things may be going.


Great. Now local sheriffs in MN who are unhappy with state gun laws, rather than the elected legislators, decide what’s law and what not.

What’s the point of having any government when every government official can decide whether a law is a law? So, under the “sheriffs decide what’s legal or not” rule, I suppose that county clerk and recorders in MN who disagree with state law can decide who can register to vote or whether you can actually cast a ballot, and county commissioners can impose tolls on roads if they are unhappy with the maintenance provided by the state DOT.

Or, following the San Franciso “local government rules” model, the city council in Minneapolis can impose taxes to fund slavery reparations to black people, 'cause the state legislature will not do it.

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Well, when the elected officials enact laws directly in conflict with the constitution , it’s nice to know some elected officials have integrity.


The top one for me is that it is literally impossible to get the ability to legally carry there at all.

I can carry more (in vehicle) in Illinois than I can in MN

And while not strictly firearms, I remember when my parents did not go to my brother’s for Thanksgiving Dinner because it would have been illegal to eat together in the same room since they didn’t live in the same house

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Class and background check.

Governor, decree, mandate. Agree it’s nonsense.

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Don’t know il carry law in and out but find that hard to believe. Maybe.

I’ve had a bunch of classes and background checks. How do I get a MN permit from out of state? Or any permit that MN will recognize?

I have two permits and I can get several others, none let me carry there.

It’s easier to be armed as a non resident visiting IL than visiting MN.

So, just speaking personally, that’s my main hangup with MN for gun laws

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"Non-residents may transport a loaded concealed handgun in a vehicle if they are in possession of a valid CCW permit from their home state.

Non-residents from states that allow for either concealed and/or open carry without a license are not required to produce a license provided they are;

  • Not prohibited under federal law; and
  • They are eligible to carry in their home state."

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I live in Wisconsin and obtained a Minnesota carry permit. I had to take a class and range exam with a MN approved teacher. I found one in Wisconsin. The license is issued by county sheriffs in Minnesota. As an out-of-state resident, I could choose any county to apply. Though I often travel to the northwest Minneapolis area, I chose the county closest to the Wisconsin border for me (2 1/2 hour drive). I believe I paid about $100 for the permit and $60 for the class and range. I got my permit within a month. It is good for 5 years, but then I must repeat the class and range and again apply in person.

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I live somewhere around 1,000 miles away and fly just long enough to take care of my stuff, I don’t know that that would be an option for me. :frowning:

And renewing in person too.

Man that is difficult to do for people who don’t live in or right next to MN


Did not know that. Thank you.

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It’s not exactly what you’d expect from IL and is a bit of an oddity, not sure there is another state that works like that (most either recognize and let you carry, or nothing at all, of course)

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Craig9 USCCA Certified Instructor,

Might you please elaborate? Perhaps share some examples, such as about the tax part, and discuss the “differences”?

Am I welcomed? My apologies for not knowing. I’m open to learn though. Would appreciate it.

No but all means come see us. Just meant are you moving to MN, taxes are in the running for higher than average. Or are you planning a trip through? If a trip through look me up. Meant no malice. All are welcome.