Missouri does not have a Good Samaritan Law

In Missouri, rendering aide could cost you. Many people who carry a firearm also carry some type of trauma kit. While the intention Is good it could land you in court. I personally have opted only to render aid to myself and my immediate family.

I think this is a crappy law and I’ve contacted my State Representative asking him to consider legislation changing this.

Just wanted my fellow missourians and any travelers to be aware.


I understand your concerns. IL does have a Good Samaritan law, but it is so crazy. For example there was a case where a doctor was found to not be covered by the law, yet according to the law an architect would be? :crazy_face:

" Any professional engineer, architect , land surveyor, or structural engineer who in good faith, without fee, provides professional services in response to a disaster or other catastrophic event shall not be liable for civil damages as a result of his or her acts or omissions in providing the professional services,"


Decades ago I was an EMT basic (in another state). My trainers constantly told us that the ‘Good Samaritan’ laws don’t necessarily protect people with medical training/certification/degrees. It’s my understanding that medical professionals are held to a higher standard when helping in these emergency situations. I could be wrong.

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Not so crazy. In most states you cannot be held liable under Good Sam Laws and Bench Laws as long as you don’t exceed your level of expertise.

Medics, nurses, Doc’s will always be held to the standard of their training because they are medical professionals.

One of the reasons I let my Paramedic Certification lapse was because I was strictly a volunteer and even though I was not a paid professional I was considered a “professional” legally because of my training and should I make a mistake resulting in harm could be held liable.

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This is why, as a firefighter/EMT, concealed carry license holder, I tell no one what qualifications, certifications, licenses, or training I have. People that know me know, but I don’t go around advertising it. I’ve said this before, the only people who need to know you’re carrying are the ones who you carry for to protect. As far as being an EMT, I almost always stop to help if I see someone injured or involved in an accident, but I don’t go running in announcing that “I’m an EMT here to save the day!”
Stay safe, stay alert (situational awareness)… stay humble.

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