Midway has feee shipping today, May 19

Use code FREESHIP051923


Darn you I just spent an hour on their site looking for something to get LoL

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Yeah, I got ammo I’d been running low on. I just keep stuff in my cart on there and check in now and then for a free shipping day. Sorry I cost you an hour LOL! I hope you found something good. :grinning:

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Dang it…I’m seeing this a day late. :thinking:

LoL. I do appreciate you mentioning it. Sadly I did not see anything I wanted “right now”
A couple of items I was interested in were on back order.
Anytime you see free shipping somewhere please post :slight_smile:

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Midway usually has free shipping every week or 2, usually hitting my e-mail toward the weekend. It generally lasts only 2 or 3 days but they’re pretty good about warning you that “free shipping ends soon”.