Micro Conversion Kits?

Anyone have experience or opinions on these? At the very least, it seems like a cool range toy.


I know @TexasEskimo did and he really likes his.


@Scoutbob I use this with a Glock 17. It improves accuracy at a distance, nice for the bedside, looks scary to home invaders, fun, and easy to conceal when folded and holstered (:rofl:). And I can put my Glock into, and out of the kit in seconds. Everyone at the range wants to hold and then shoot it. A great conversation piece besides the functionality.

The first time my boys saw this they smiled and said “Insane!”. I knew then I made the right choice.
Best price?.. use your %10 USCCA discount through OpticsPlanet. I got both the MCK and upgraded accessory kit for a little less than $300. Check the main site here but I think the promo code is “USCCA10”. I forgot to use the promo code when I purchased this, but OpticsPlanet was great to deal with. I just called a day later and they gladly refunded 10%.
@Dawn Thanks to the USCCA for having great partners like OpticsPlanet!

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Wow, that looks awesome!

@Scoutbob The upgrade kit has a 3-way 500 lumen thumb activated light. Easy on, easy off. The “holster” clip I got directly from CAA for around $45. It also comes with a nice shoulder sling as well.