MCK 2.0 aka Too Much Fun

Anyone ever shot the MCK 2.0 ? If not I’d highly suggest it, SO. MUCH. FUN. I went with the Glock 17, they have the attachment for lots of pistols, but I wanted to be able to have a gun I was still comfortable shooting not in the MCK. It’s really great if you drive a car and want to have another firearm in the trunk, or in my case I keep it under my back seat in my truck. The folding stabilizer makes its easy to conceal. I’m 110% a fan and real happy with the purchase!

(Yes that’s the king of rock n roll on my kitchen counter)

MCK 2.0 link to website


I could see where it could be a lot of fun to shoot. I would be curious about accuracy? Having a stock should be a significant advantage over traditional pistol. How does it compare to a traditional rifle with 18 inch barrel? I can certainly see it as a feasable short to medium (100 yard ? ) idea. Reminds me of the old Mauser C96 Broomhandle except faster to convert. Personally, for my tastes, I would want it without all that front end bulk, just my opinion, my taste. Important thing is you enjoyed it. I would love to shoot one although cant imagine myself owning one. Thanks for sharing.

Here is a pic of the Mauser. If you are not familiar, the pistol fits into the stock and can be used as a “rifle” or pistol.



It’s definitely really accurate, 100 yard with the red dot I have is doable it’s really fun at 50-75 yards.

I haven’t ever seen that pistol before, but I really want one now! That thing is so cool, how long have you had it? What’s the range on it?

So I don’t want to ask a stupid question…but isn’t this dangerously close to becoming an SBR by definition?

I ask only because the ATF is pissing and moaning about arm braces on AR/AK pistols so converting a pistol to a rifle seems like the same thing.

Sorry, I personally feel like they should stop banning SBRs because they’re all fun to shoot and I’d love to have a little SBR AR but it’ll never happen in my state.

No such thing as a stupid question!

The CAA website has some great FAQ’s, I have attached a link. Check out what the manufacture has to say. I am sure there is someone here actually qualified to answer this, I am not. From my understanding its a brace/stabilizer not a stock so it isn’t considered an SBR. Also the MCK isn’t a firearm it’s an attachment, not sure if that gets it around being labeled an SBR. It’s 2020 can guns identify the way they want to? lmao

What is the difference between the Stock and Stabilizer Options?

The NFA Stock requires you to SBR your handgun at a cost of $200.00 to the BATFE and paperwork for a tax stamp.
The Stabilizing Arm Brace does NOT require any paperwork or tax stamp.
The MCK with an NFA/Stock falls under the NFA classification (see above clarification on explanation of NFA). The MCK Extended Stabilizer keeps the pistol classified as a pistol per the ruling Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STABILIZERS AND STOCK