Michigan law for CPL holder with non-CPL passengers in vehicle

I have searched and could not find a definitive answer on a few scenarios regarding Michigan law and driving in a vehicle.

  1. I’d like to know what the law would be if I, a CPL holder, was driving in a vehicle with my weapon on my person. I have 2 other adult passengers in my vehicle with me but they do NOT have their CPL and do NOT have any weapons. Can I still carry concealed while in the vehicle?
  2. If I am a CPL holder and have my weapon on my person along with 2 adult passengers who do NOT have their CPL but each have a weapon in regular carry, weapon unloaded, locked and out of reach. Can I still carry concealed? We are on the way to a shooting range.
  3. Same as above but my passengers are minors and/or my children and their friends.

Thank you in advance for your insight.


Or call USCCA at * 800-674-9779

Call your local Police Dept or Sheriffs Office since they are the ones you will be dealing with. :us:


If you are in possession of a valid Michigan Concealed Pistol License, you should know the answers to these “scenario questions”. If you aren’t, I strongly suggest that you read the link provided above and seek out a certified Instructor in your area.

“What if” scenarios have way to many rabbit holes to fall into here.

I’ll say this, if you are in possession of a Michigan CPL, it is valid for only what you are carrying concealed. Not what other people are carrying.