MI CPL/Law Enforcement

Hey was wondering if anyone knew how to go about this process due to COVID-19.

I live in Wayne County and know how the process is supposed to go online to apply. I am law enforcement and was informed that due to that, I do not need any CPL certifcation paperwork to actually apply for my CPL, only bring in my LE ID and pay the license fee.

How with the restrictions going on? If any LE knows how to handle this, I would greatly appreciate it, plus I can keep other LE informed. (I am a certified CPL instructor if that is the workaround)



Welcome to the family brother @Sabered19 , glad you could join us. Soon someone in the community will be able to help you with this, just give it a little time for others to see it, good luck brother.


If you are an active duty LEO your badge and ID card are your license to carry. I just showed my retired ID card here in VA. and that was good enough just for me to pay the fee and get my Concealed Carry permit.


Unfortunately that is not the case completely in Michigan. While off duty in pistol free zones, you can still get in trouble unless you have an exempt cpl.


Wow that’s outrageous brother because a crime can still take place in a gun free zone where you may have to take action as a LEO. I guess you have to ignore the offense.


Hey brother how are you? I can remember back in 84 when the mayor Had all retired LEO’s in the city of Chicago upset because she wanted them to turn in their hand guns.

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She would have had to pry it from my dead hand.

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