Merchandise quality

Love the uscca…truly but want top quality. Have heard of some quality problems with merchandise…any explanations?

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I haven’t had any quality issues with anything I’ve purchased over the years from USCCA…purchases include things such as t-shirts and hats, to books/dvds, to safes etc…

Maybe I’m lucky, but I doubt it. I suspect their QC department is pretty squared away.

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I haven’t had any issues. Double check the sizing on shirts and such. My USCCA shirts last as long as any others.

@45IPAC just was concerned uscca stickers fade quickly on car and heard some negative feedback on clothing purchases from others

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The only thing I am sure of is that if you call the USCCA with a merchandise problem they will always help because they want you to be happy.


It does seem that whenever I wash my USCCA white t-shirts with red towels, the t-shirts turn pink.
Otherwise all my stuff is good.


I have not had an issue with anything I have gotten from the USCCA over the years. This includes stickers, window clings, hats, t-shirts, knifes and range bags.
Oh yes, I forgot about the best hot/cold beverage container I have ever used. I get coffee on my way to work and it will still be warm over an hour later.



Same here, no issues with the merchandise I have bought. I have a few T-shirt’s and 2 hats. Quality seems really good to me

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I had a problem with a range bag, but they replaced it quickly free of charge even though I asked them not to. So I used the money to buy some USCCA shirts


The customer service is outstanding