I will continue my online training after I complete my one on one training with a former Marine Sergeant. He teaches at CQT in Michigan and was a pistol instructor when not deployed to Iraq and BIDENstan.

A question for all USCCA big shots…Why do you sell merch made in China?


I’m seeing my former Marine Sgt in a few weeks. I’ll try to reach around his shoulders to give him a hug, and he’ll pat me on my head and say "hi, dad.":laughing:
Sad how china took over the world regarding merchandise, and how much of US industry sold out any morality in the interest of increased profits.


Go to Amazon and search for a product that’s made in the USA. Your options decrease immensely. :thinking:


Give my brother from another mother a big hug and thank you from another veteran! Much older brother…just turned 72.


Note to USCCA, I would pay a bit more for made in USA products… I admit, they can be hard to find.


USCCA says that they are trying to get made in USA merch, but they are sometimes dealing with 3rd parties that don’t care where they get their merchandise.

I told a knife merchant at a gun show a couple of years ago I would not buy anything from him as all his products were from China. The next show he had a table with a big sign “Made in the USA”. That table was swarmed with customers. One voice can and does make a difference, one just needs to use it to find out. As people here know, I am not shy about giving my opinion.


Well bless you and your big mouth! I have the same problem, brother.:crazy_face:

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