Memories of Mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and we want to hear about your awesome moms!

What is your favorite memory with your mom?

Extra points if it involves the range or firearms.


The way she smiled when I initially peeked out of the womb. Priceless memory.


I have fond memories of having breakfast and coffee with her. She was always there for me even when my father wasn’t (to busy working).
She passed away in '96 and when my daughter was born, her middle name is my moms name.
I was born on Mothers Day and this year I share my 50th birthday with my wife for Mothers Day.

I’ll have to whip up a really good quarantine pandemic meal with a stupid expensive bottle of wine.


My Mom has been always available for me when I needed her. Whole my life. :kissing_heart:

My Mom has never touched firearm… during my life…
(I know nothing about WWII period, I never talked about this with my Parents.)

I’m glad she has two Mother’s Days now :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE: (just found it… my oldest memories…)


I wish I could answer this, but there are just so many. The 2nd anniversary of her death is coming up on May 4th (yes, Star Wars day.) She was only 74. My father passed just a few months later, on August 26th.


Definitely her smile and room-filling laugh. She was they type to make sure everyone else was fed, happy, and comfortable before she was. This year is the 12th anniversary of her passing from cancer. She was 61.


My mother, always cool under pressure. Despite her trying she never outgrew the farm. She would rather run a bailer than cook, but cook she did learn how to do. Pretty decent shot too with a rifle and a pistol.

Funny story… many decades ago my parents had moved to a liberal utopia for a time, and she was working downtown at a bank. One day a guy comes in, pulls a pistol and points it at her, and asks for the money. She leaned in closer and asked him if he really really wanted to do this. He replied that yes he did. So she gave him the money, with the tracer. The cops were appalled that she did such a thing… her reply was it was a revolver, and she could clearly see that there was nothing in the cylinder… Yep, calm as day.

Both my parents are 80 now, and still very active.


My mom was quick with a joke, had more wise or witty sayings than the law allows, could run a column of figures in her head faster than I could do them on a calculator (I tested that), worked as long and hard as anybody ever has, and loved her grand babies. I dreamed about her last night, it was good to see her. She lived to be 94; she’s been gone 4 years now. @Dawn, she did gave me a gun before she died, a .38 that lived on the closet shelf in my parents room, a Model 10 K frame .38, c 1972.


My mom and I have a special relationship. There are times when we talk to each other we can make a drunken sailor blush. It is all meaningless banter but is never disrespectful, although it may appear so to outsiders. Her favorite word begins with F!


I am very blessed at 67 to have my mother still with me. She is 102 years old and still
has her mind and gets around with a walker. She is quite a character and doesn’t
mind telling you her thoughts on any given subject. Cannot even imagine what she
has witnessed since 1917. She lived through the depression and a couple of plagues.
Could talk about cars with me and be very knowledgeable. Owned a 9mm pistol
which she used to be safe in her home. Mom also owned a original saturday nite
special . She is the best.


Just my mom’s determination when the chips were down. Her love no matter what I did.


I was born on Mothers Day in 1959 and this Mothers Day and my Birthday I will be spending it with her. What I will always remember is her cooking, home made bread, buns, pies and her Apple Butter. It was always a labor of Love. :heart:


My mom and I are very close. She doesn’t like tattoos or firearms much, but understands that I like both. She’s come around on the firearms more than the tattoos. :rofl:

All of my tattoos have meaning to them. I wanted to get a french cooking term in her handwriting as a tattoo. She refused to write it for me because she knew why I wanted it.

So we were at her house playing cards with her and my uncle on a Saturday night in winter. Halfway through the night and after a cocktail or two, I asked her to write the phrase for me. She got halfway through writing it and stopped, looked at me, and called me a not-so-nice word. She was laughing when she did. I confirmed I was indeed being that not-so-nice word and she needed to finish writing the phrase and then write it again so that it was consistent.

It’s now on my left collar bone. :rofl:

Like @MikeBKY’s mom, my mom can use choice words when needed.


Mom was always there for me, in sickness and distress. Mom was born in 1919, (I was a late baby, and her only child)and has been gone for several years. She was old school and never knew how to pump her own gas. I remember times when she tried to pump her gas, and forgot to take the nozzle out of the tank. Came back to the shop dragging the pump hose (happened a few times), dad thot that was funny. Mom made the BEST apple pies, so it was mom, apple pie, and Chrysler. Dad loved Desotas, Plymouths, etc. Dad never believed in air-conditioning, mom always had her hair done, but she rode in a hot car, her hair was dusty sometimes (from the 80/4 air-conditioning, windows down and dad was a fast driver), but she never said a word. Mom was a staunch Catholic and made me go to Catholic school with the Nuns. When I was in college (YES she made me go to a Jesuit university), she always send me treats like cookies. Mom was kind to everyone. Mom was raised in a German community in MN, and swore in German, I think.Happy to have a good mom and dad. Too many good memories! Their “shoes” are hard to fill.

Ya know…mom would try to talk to me about girls, women, etc…talked about the “wrath of a women’s scorn.” I think she tried to warn me about being sexual attached at a young age and getting into trouble with girls.


She always lifts me up when I am sad or feeling down and it has helped me become a very resilient and strong willed man especially through this COVID 19 crisis. We are both very high risk of not surviving if we got infected with this and she says keep in touch with your sister in case anything happens to me. I said don’t even think that. We are gonna survive this. Do all you can to make it happen. :heart: