Relatives leaving behind their weapons and Easter eggs therein

Earlier this year my dad died from complications to cancer treatment. A Vietnam veteran. Marine PFC. Not a ranking officer. Just another jarhead really. He joined the Hnited States Marine Corps just about 8 weeks after his 17th birthday. Dad was a little crazy, but he always took care of his family and responsibilities and always looked out for me. He pulled my sorry ass out of the fire more than a few times. That’s for sure.
Around 6 years ago he suffered a pretty significant stroke and that changed his life a little bit. He lost some dexterity in his left hand and was sort of just a little off ever since. In May of this year he passed away from complications to chemo therapy. F cancer.
My dad was a patriot. A red blooded American. An Air Force brat. A dad. A friend. A role model.
In the 6 years since his passing, my parents moved from Colorado to North Carolina. I’m the moving process dad had to come clean about some of the weapons he had right under mom’s nose. Mom doesn’t like guns. Frankly she is a real pain in the ass about guns and always gave my dad, the marine a hard time about it. As though a marine is ever going to not have a firearm. lol
Anyway, dad had to get rid of the AR he kept underneath the stairs. Out of view from my mother. He had around 6 or 7 handguns plus a shotgun. I left about a year before they left Colorado. So fast forward three years. Dad gets sick and ultimately loses out to ■■■■■■■ cancer. It’s a shame yes. Mom told me he had a couple of guns left that he didn’t get rid of. The reason he told my mom was that they “didn’t work” therefore he could not sell them.
Dad had a 1911, a p938, a p226, a 38 revolver that I never saw, a snubnose 357, p226, sp2022, p229 and some sort of smith and Wesson 45 ago he carried.
He left behind the p229 and sp2022 and let me tell you, a guy couldn’t be happier!
This is the original P229 chambered in .357 sig and it’s amazing, as is the 2022 in 9mm.
So it was down to those two pistols and a Kel-Tec shotgun. I sold that but am looking for another 12 gauge.
Fast forward 7 months, I took dads guns off of moms hands, got my ccw and train all the time now. So dad left me a gun addiction. It’s not a bad thing.
Just trying to get better with my marksmanship.

Oh yeah! Easter egg! Dad knew what he was doing too. We never went to the range together but he conveniently left the .357 sig fitted with a laser grip, the sp2022 and the shotgun which I sold and bought a carry pistol.
I think he knew what he was doing and deliberately left these for me to learn.

P.S. Once you shoot the .357 sig, 9mm is like butter.


Sorry to hear about your loss. I miss my father (a Korean war combat vet) every single day and understand that he shaped the person I am today. I suspect you are learning that same lesson.


His voice comes out of my face on the regular.


We need more men like your dad. Thanks for sharing.


Sorry to hear of your Dad passing away of that shi**y arse cancer. My Dad died this year of lung cancer stage 4. My Dad like yours was red blooded as you can get and took care of our family as well. Glad to hear you were able to get some of his non-working guns!!! Always remeber him while you go shooting. Time passes quickly, but the memories never go!!

Cancer can go f**k itself…took my Mom 8 years back as well. Bless both their souls…they were always there for both my sister and myself. Hard times, good times and all times!!

Dad left me a Civil war Colt 45 as well as a 1873-1800 Winchester. I also was left his 1957 T-Bird!!


Dads are cool!