Meat target

Paul Harrell is famous for his invention, the meat target.

Have you tried to duplicate shooting into a meat target?

I shot a can a Spam with a 30-06.


I’d like to hear him talk about how expensive the meat target has become :joy:

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I much prefer consistent and repeatable test mediums

I agree with you, Nathan, but on the other hand the “meat target” is probably about as consistent as a (God forbid) human target.


True, but, that’s also precisely why consistent tests have value and became a big deal. The sample size needed to form a conclusion is much smaller since there are so many fewer variables and the results are more measurable.

That said, in the event that the real world threats exist in a large enough sample size, that’s definitely the place to look for validation of what works/doesn’t, I think…like the NYPD has an extensive track record with the Gold Dot 124+P for example.


Do wild hogs count as a meat target?


Hell Ya! :+1:


Although many scientific experiments of the last few centuries can be cruel and problematic, you might find the “Thompson and LaGarde Tests” at the Union Stock Yards in Chicago in 1904 of interest… you might need a strong stomach to read through it though.

Here’s a link to their report:

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From the “Thompson LaGarde Test’s”

Take away paragraph.

“Touching upon the question of shock effects and stopping power, so essential in pistol firing, the Board is of the opinion that soldiers armed with pistols or revolvers should be drilled unremittingly in the accuracy of fire, and that the vital parts of the body, their location and distribution in the organism, should be intelligently explained. Based upon the distribution of the vital parts, and parts of the body which when hit insure sudden stopping of an adversary, the Board hopes, in its complete report, to furnish a target of a shape to include the more essential points to be hit in the body. It is thought that men drilled at such a target could do more effective firing at close range with pistols and revolvers. The Board has been prompted to refer to this point because of the prime importance of decisive shooting at close quarters, and of the large amount of the target area of the human body which offers no hope of stopping an adversary by shock or other immediate results when hit.”

Not bowling balls, dots or clover leaf’s.

Take away sentence.

“After mature deliberation, the Board finds that a bullet which will have the shock effect and stopping power at short ranges necessary for a military pistol or revolver should have a caliber not less than 0.45.”

The 0.45 rocks.

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I have a lot of respect for Paul Harrel’s videos and comments.

With the meat target, there are dozens of people that test ammunition into ballistic gelatin online. Lucky Gunner’s tests are probably the most scientific in their method and testing and completeness. Paul Harrel is doing something different, not necessarily better or worse, just a different approach.

When selecting ammunition, why not pick something that did well in both the ballistic gelatin and the “meat target”? It may narrow your choices, but isn’t that what you’re doing when selecting ammunition, narrowing your choices?


I know real well how bullets work out on meat,being a veit-nam vet. 5.56 did a real job on our advisory, don’t need to prove it again, so just use different kinds of plastic bottles filled with water and food coloring. Once I’m done with them I pick all the pieces and put them in a large trash bag and take them to recycle. This gives me my target shooting and training out in the desert :desert: and my part in helping the environment you would not believe how many aluminum cans I also pick up they are worth more then the plastic bottles. In a years worth I usually get about 70 to 80 dollar’s a year. That’s enough to replace my reloading brass that gets worn out, I recycle them too.:sunglasses::sun_with_face::statue_of_liberty::us_outlying_islands::+1::cactus:

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good for you.