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How to get a gun permit in Israel? Ben-Gvir wants easy firearm licenses - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post (

After a couple of recent terrorist attacks, Israel’s security minister is arguing that the solution is to have more Israelis carry firearms, so they can defend themselves.

I think this is an interesting contrast to the U.S. When there’s a high-profile shooting here, politicians race to the microphone to demand more gun control, while citizens rush to the gun stores to buy firearms. Israel seems to be coming around to the citizen’s point of view, and would like Israelis to be able to defend themselves against attacks.

Don’t follow this click-bait article, but I just wanted to share that Al Jazeera is putting a pretty extreme spin on the same story.
Netanyahu gives Israelis ‘green light to shoot Palestinians’ | Israel-Palestine conflict News | Al Jazeera


Just watched a vid yesterday comparing gun ownership stats and crimes. Switzerland, almost no gun crime, yet there’s a national shooting tournament for youth 13-17, mandatory military service with the option to keep your service weapon as a civilian, with a permit. 25 percent of the population are gun owners.
It’s not the gun…(preaching to the choir, unless there’s any dem or rino politicians here)


I know plenty of Democrats at the range. Some of them are pretty good shots, too.

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many of those dems and RINOS think THEY can handle a firearm and can justify themselves while the rest us can not.


The way I understand their situation – it is a military issue, and the main stakeholder is the military and security forces. Although step in the right direction, allowing civilians to arm themselves will not prevent these incidents in the future.

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True to an extent. I’ve noticed ppl that want to do these kind of acts want public notice. If a civilian or group can take them out prior to committing the act terrorists like the criminals they are run away to a softer target.


Are they politicians?
Didn’t think so.


No, but I have to stay away from our forum bias here, that anyone to the left of me is my enemy. There are still good people on the left. There are still good people in the Democratic Party. If someone supports the Bill of Rights, they are not my enemy.

If someone questions the value of the Bill of Rights, or has an authoritarian streak, I will oppose them. I don’t care if they lean right or left. However, the fair lady shooting rifle at my range that tends to vote Democrat, she is not my enemy. If only she would come with me afterwards and enjoy a few bottles of wine, perhaps I could understand her political priorities.


The articles I read seemed less focused on “prevention” and more on ending the attacks as quickly as possible. It’s the old line about when seconds count, help is just minutes away.


Israel doesn’t have 2A rights. One might argue that we don’t here either but it is much more difficult to get permission to carry any weapon in Israel. I feel safer in Israel because every where you go one see IDF carrying Ars or Aks.


Personally, I feel less safe with heavily armed police around because there typically is a good (bad?) reason for that and I don’t want to be there when that need becomes a reality.

I recall the Italian police on every street corner near the Coliseum, the Vatican, etc., when I was there almost 20 years ago. They were dressed in black para-military uniforms carrying sub-machine guns at the ready. I felt a bit uncomfortable, thinking they must be there and heavily armed for a reason and hoping lead wasn’t going to start flying while I was there. Automatic weapons are not used for accurate shot placement.


I dont know if this discussion has any bearing on RKBA in the US, because of huge differences between the countries. Profile of mass casualty events is different, traditions with respect to civilian carry is different, attitude toward police is different.


Come to think of it I saw a few carrying IWI Tavors I asked one of the soldiers sitting next to me on the train if he was allowed to carry it in full auto and he said it had the capability to be full auto but he wasn’t allowed to carry it that way. Everyone carrying seemed pretty laid back.

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First of all, I am Jewish (Messianic). Secondly, my youngest son was an Elite 890 Paratrooper in the IDF.

The statements that Israeli gun owners cannot stop the violence is incorrect as far as an individual situation is concerned. On one of my visits to Israel in May 1998, a smattering of terrorism broke out. The “terror de jour” was for a Palestinian to run up to cars stopped at red lights and stab the driver with a knife through the open window. It was very hot that May, so a lot of folks were driving with their windows down.

After about 5 stabbings, folks started “strapping on”. I think about 4 Palestinians were shot trying to stab drivers after that. It was the classic, “Why would you bring a knife to a gunfight?”

Needless to say, that round of violence STOPPED COMPLETELY. Terrorism against Jews will never stop, because the hatred will never stop. So guns will have to be carried.

BTW, I once saw a woman in a Burka getting off a bus turn out to be an undercover Israeli Policeman loaded for bear (machine gun etc.). The efforts to stem the violence are extensive, and I find Israel a safe place to visit if one avoids certain neighborhoods just like you would in any American city.


al jazeera’s version, would definitely be our “pravda’s” version of the story.


The only thing I have to say is God bless and protect Israel.


I’ve seen so many Active Self Pritection videos out of Israel where Palestinians suddenly started trying to kill random Israelis. They were all stopped by flowers and tea time.

Oh, wait. That’s not what happened.

That’s right, the Israelis had guns and shot back until the attack stopped.

Their penchant for carrying without a round in the chamber tends to get them stabbed in the videos I’ve seen, but with proper kiting and shot placement, the good guys win.


And in Jerusalem today.

Several dead and wounded after Jerusalem bus stop attack | Watch (

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