Utah - Another 2A Friendly State Law

The biggest thing right now is Salt Lake City, the Liberal Bastion of Utah, has and keeps adding laws to things like gun shows and Gun Shops. Our legislators are pretty tired of the Left controlled areas of Utah getting screwed by liberal politicians implementing Liberal Laws.

From the article:
Sen. Kathleen Riebe, D-Cottonwood Heights,
“I feel like we need to increase our responsibility, not decrease it,” Riebe said. Democrat’s always seem to go against anything that even looks like less government intervention into basic Constitutional Rights.


Somewhat affiliated are states which have open carry laws without having to buy a concealed carry permit. N.D., S.D., Mont., Idaho, Ut., Az., Texas, Ok., Kansas, Iowa. Mo., Ark., Miss. Alabama., Ga., Tn., Ky., In., Oh., W.Va., Me., NH., and Vt., Alaska. I
I think I have listed all 24 open carry states. Corrections. The correct term is Constitutional Carry, not open carry.
Given our Constitutional Right, this should apply to all states in my opinion. What confuses me is how is it that states can violate the Constitution by making up their own laws that nullifies any part of the Bill of Rights. States could stop freedom of the press, or speech, and any amendment for that matter.
Someone have an answer to this for an ignorant man. I isn’t stupid, I’s jus ignorant so dat can be fixed.