Maybe facts aren't dead?


Lack of discipline and respect is what changed. Started breeding stupidity.
And you can’t fix stupid. So, stupid tries to fix what doesn’t need to be fixed!

Let’s ban stupidity! Put discipline back in the home! Watch mass shootings decline! Haven’t fact checked that, but from 1960’s to 1990’s no school shootings and we kept our guns in the windows of the pickup trucks!

It’s a pandemic of the stupid!


There was the one shooting at Texas A&M back in the 60s. I remember seeing it in the news as a kid.

You must be referring to the 1966 University of Texas Tower at Austin.
The sniper that spawned S.W.A.T.

My bad. One school shooting in 30 years. IMHO, ever since the 90’s kids have turned mass/school shootings into a hobby with a fame component.
That’s one mass shooting during my childhood, versus 30 during my adulthood!
They are outcasts that can’t solve simple problems. Am I a girl or a boy.
This is purely liberal brainwashing!

That shooting was a very rare event. As rare as as a Presidential indictment! 1 in 30. Today, I feel they have to outperform the last, thanks to the Columbine idiots and the “mass” media! Are we seeing the connection yet?

Remember, the democrats “never let a crisis do to waste” and in an effort to repeal the 2A they send out killers, almost on a regular basis!


The shooter had a brain tumor that changed his personality and made him violent. That one was explainable by science. The rest since then are a cocktail of crazy, drugs, poor upbringing, medications, society…