Mask-wearing "Protestors"

Aside from virus protection, should protestors wearing full-face masks be tolerated? If this doesn’t imply the wearer is up to no good, I don’t know what does. Apparently, these characters are avoiding identification - and were HIRED to ramp up the crowd to degenerate into a destructive, violent mob - and police should’ve made them remove the masks, leave, or face immediate arrest. If police are outnumbered/overpowered, enter the National Guard, I predict that at some point, someone will be shot in broad daylight by one of these “masked avengers”, with just that intention. The summer is still heating up - keep your powder dry!


So if we’re going to be Libertarian minded here…and this is still America…then wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, I’m good either way whether there’s a pandemic and we’re getting mixed messages to wear two/three of them or it’s no pandemic and someone just wants to protect their identity.

Especially in our current cancel culture society, imagine working for a more left leaning organization and I want to go down and support tomorrow’s Pro-2A rally so I show up down there peacefully with my sign and rally for the 2A. Come Monday my employer saw a picture of me from a local news outlet down there and suddenly says I’ve violated some morality clause they have based on the Company’s values and fire me. I have freedom of speech and from retaliation from Government, I don’t have a right to that job or from retaliation from them for my exercising my constitutional rights (as long as they’re not violating Title VII with religion or something).

Of course I guess I could claim I “identify” as a Mandalorian and that weapons are my religion… :thinking: :sweat_smile:


There are a lot of state laws and city ordinances against protesters wearing masks. They were targeted towards the KKK, one of those situations where you can’t constitutionally single out one group, but you can make a law that mostly affects one group.

The past couple of years, when groups that are not the KKK have been protesting with masks, the laws aren’t always enforced. And of course, #2020 happened, and suddenly it’s ok to wear a bandana when you walk in a bank.

I’ll be curious to see if we go back to shunning masks, or if optional face coverings will be accepted post-COVID.


P.S. - When I say full-face masks, I mean from eyebrows-to- chin. I’m not surprised if there’s a designer collection offered in them today.

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In Illinois, it is illegal to carry a gun, while wearing a mask “with the intent to conceal ones identity.”
I know it doesn’t say they are carrying, but I was putting that out there. As a general rule, law enforcement in my area will stop someone trying to hide their identity, and “have a little chat.”