Marijuana Users Aren’t Law-Abiding or Responsible Enough to Exercise Second Amendment Rights

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The title is completely correct in stating that “marijuana users aren’t law abiding”, that is a factual statement at least.


Really? Isn’t marijuana use just another instance of the medical security state? “Don’t smoke marijiana because the government has decided that it’s bad for you and sociiety.” Just like government had previously decided that alcohol created a public health crisis big enough to pass the 18th Amendment that gave us the National Firearms Act, greatly expanded federal law enforcement and generally enriched organized crime.

Maybe, we should consider banning firearms ownership among those who refuse to wear a mask or get a COVID vaccine as they aren’t law abiding. I doubt that those who would scoff COVID laws would agree with that, and yet would fail to see the hypocrisy in their stance when applied to marijuana users.


You can get a methamphetamine prescription in America, who cares about marijuana. Only old ass gen x Elmer fudd 1911 fuddy-five-AARP type office worker white dudes with diabetes and a stamp collection think that the government’s laws can decide who has a right to protect their rights. You probably still have the tags on your mattress too because it says to leave it on.


thank you for the great belly laugh as I reading your post :rofl:


This Again!

The problem with pot is that it is Federally an illegal narcotic.
The problem with guns is they are Federally controlled Via the ATF Form 4473.
While legally in Virginia I can have up to 4 plants in my house for recreational use per VA law.
If a local LEO or State Trooper came into my house there would be no issue (or so I have been told, but I doubt it)
If the FB, ATF, DOJ et al federal LEO came into my house I would be going directly to jail.

The real problem and why the Feds won’t legalize pot is “TESTING”
Currently the test for pot use shows that you have used it sometime between 21 and 30 +/- days ago. It does not have the ability to tell you if you are currently under the influence.

Once somebody figures out a qualitative and or quantitative method to determine if your “high” right now, the Feds will probably legalize it. This makes it enforceable just like booze, which makes $$$$$. Always follow the $$$$.




The Feds, unfortunately, and also some of the states


Yeah? Well most feds can’t run a 7 minute mile AND they aren’t cool enough to smoke a doobie with anyone but their own right hands.


You should visit a college campus. There are plenty of young people, males and females and everything else, who don’t know who Elmer Fudd is, have never been in an office, and have never licked a stamp, who honestly think the government can decide who should and shouldn’t have the ability to protect their rights (1A, 2A, 4A, etc.).


I actually have a performing arts degree, I’m extremely well acquainted with the cartoonishly prescriptivist hippies running the show on that side of the aisle. My takeaway was that everyone is a hot mess if you catch em with the right set of esoteric buzzwords. Myself included. I made a point of digging my heels in and making it a chore whenever someone decided to arbitrarily restrict my studies and work. Jo Jorgensen was actually a professor I got along well with, if the name rings a bell.


I want to make “esoteric buzzword” an esoteric buzzword.