Arizona refuses to restore 2nd amendment rights

If you are enrolled in Arizona’s Medical Marajuna program and have access to a firearm you are in violation of federal law, even if you are not currently using.
(as per 9th Circuit Court ruling stating that by having a medical marijuana card, you are presumed a user.)

In order to be removed from the program you or your doctor must sign a statement that you no longer have the qualifications for the program or no longer benefit from the use of MM. No other choices.

A person with some forms of cancer will always have that diagnosis and can’t give up their card because they want their 2nd rights restored and their doctor can’t say that MM no longer has ANY benefits.

I have confirmed this with the State and have the email to prove my claims.

Any help with this issue would be appreciated.

BTW this effects everyone in the household as they can be charged with aiding a prohibited person access to a firearm.


I remember when I went for my CCW, my NRA trainer mentioned in the classroom to everyone, if you smoke marijuana and you have a marijuana medical card, you are disqualified from getting a CCW because it’s against Federal Law, but what you have stated goes deeper into the Law. I live within the 9th circuit.


As in most cases one arm of the government one arm doesn’t/ can’t necessarily communicate with the other. I am not suggesting doing anything illegal (like the hypocrisy of the government is doing here by banning an individual’s 2A right), but… :wink:
I mean… how many Americans are legally over medicated by drugs that are far worse and much more addictive than pot, or alcohol? The answer… tens of millions are. The roots of this situation fall around the ignorant stigmatization of marijuana. For example, xanax and alcohol are deemed to be mainstream accepted DRUGS. But both are psychotic means to alter one’s mood
Personally I would abide by the law and have to take the chance that the government will protect me. Sad. But if someone else that lives alone and feels they need to exercise their right to defend themselves, I would say that is their choice. And if I were on a jury in such a case… “not guilty”.
Good topic @Thomas80.


A bill has actually been introduced that addresses this issue; H.R 2071

H.R.2071 - Second Amendment Protection Act


Looks like this bill is dead in subcommittee.

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I understand the law. What really bothers me is the fact that in Arizona there is no remedy for someone who wishes to: buy a firearm, get their CCW or even allow someone into their home if they have a legal firearm.

Or perhaps they want to adopt a child, under federal law they can’t pass a background check without making a false statement on a federal form.

You just can’t quit using medical marijuana and surrender your card should you wish to for whatever reason you have.

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Nothing you can do, it’s federal law.