Medical Cannabis situation

Reaching the point with my health where chronic pain has limited enjoying being alive, cannot keep increasing opiates or adding a daily oral chemo to fight the diseases adding nausea and the increasing toxicity, dealing with having to give up gun ownership.
Called my state Medical Cannabis board and I’m told my info would only be available to law enforcement because of hipa laws, any gun purchases would be committing perjury/felony after getting a medical Cannabis card, and no one has been able to tell me if i can just transfer my guns to family or my wife only that if she owns any guns they would have to be locked up and no key access to me.
Then comes the part about selling them & the ammo, of course I’d have to do this first before getting the card but other than gun shows or a gun shop or pawn i don’t know how to do this,…it’s a pickle.
Every time i go downtown or to dr visits or just shopping panhandling people see me hobbling on a cane and approach, can’t run or fight anymore so giving up my EDC leaves me vulnerable, i know there’s Taser products but that’s a one shot deal more or less, if i could just live in a Recreational state i wouldn’t have to worry about all this. Angers me that liquor is a free for all and ya know the old saying “5 drunks hanging out there’s gonna be a fight, 5 Cannabis users together and ya start a band” lol
Then can i even keep my uscca coverage on medical Cannabis? I’m in a pickle


I feel for the position you are stuck in Bruno. It sounds like cannabis which is legal for medical use in many states would be a much better solution than other options with much stronger negative side effects.

Wish I had an answer for you. Sounds like you have a great case for the courts decide on. But that would take years, dollars and the potential loss of freedom.

I am not really up on any of the laws surrounding illegal substances since they fortunately don’t apply to me. I see the check box on the form that makes it illegal to purchase a firearm but assume there are other laws on the books that say possession of a firearm if you use those substances is illegal as well. Maybe a lawyer could give you some advice? And perhaps there are other alternative legal medical alternatives? I have been to some naturopath/physical therapy people who have helped a lot with my chronic pains. Though sounds like yours are on a significantly higher level.

Sure seems like a stupid law given all the other substances firearm owners are allowed to put in their bodies. All of which I think should be perfectly legal as long as they are not carrying while in an impaired condition.

Hope you can find a solution that doesn’t force you to be defenseless!


Yes it’s a pickle, diet wise i have to watch my vitamin K intake which is all the good stuff in its raw stage, since i have a clotting factor, then other foods high in histamines i have to avoid since i have this Idiopathic Angioedema (airway swelling / anaphylaxis) and carry epipens for that, and you may have heard the old saying “5 drinking men get together and there’s a a fight, 5 Cannabis users together and they start a band” lol
Yeah the legal part …I’d die of old age before that would change, i play the lottery hoping to win enough to relocate to Colorado and not have to worry with it all


Being a user of marijuana makes you federally prohibited from possessing firearms period.

But then again, even if guns are not in the equation, being a user of marijuana makes you a federal criminal, period, as it’s still a federal crime.

You can be a USCCA member as a marijuana user.

There is an exclusion in the self defense liability insurance policy, on which members are additional insureds, for possession of a weapon in violation of federal law. Based on that, possession of a firearm as a marijuana user would likely exclude the possibility of coverage (as in, be none) under the policy


In Oregon as well as many states, the green stuff is legal for recreation and I would bet there are quite a few people out there that partake and still purchase firearms.

Ive known people that while the green stuff is legal, told me they wanted to get the green medical card so they could get more at a time…

Ive always tried to pursuade them to not get the card as by doing so, you can kiss buying a firearm away…

You may want to get into firearms later in life. Ive seen people do that, not worth the card IMO…

Personally, the smell of the green stuff growing makes me sick…


There are quite a few people out there breaking all kinds of federal firearms laws, some knowingly and many unknowingly. That is for sure.


or start thrusting hatchets into each others’ backs. A friend of mine had that happen to him, just a bunch of pot smokers partying that did not end well.