Man shot by police on his own porch-lessons to be learned here

We have all heard about Rajan Moonesinghe getting shot by police on his own porch. He was carrying a rifle that he had just shot two rounds into his own house. The LEO shouted drop the gun and shot Rajan Moonesinghe.

A person has to ask a lot of questions here. How many mistakes do you notice here?

Family seeks answers after police kill man on his own porch – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

‘He did nothing wrong’: Family of Texas entrepreneur fatally shot by police say he was defending his home (


Waiting for the “Paul Harvey” moment.

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Who writes this stuff?

The Yahoo article said “The caller said the police were on scene and the man fired again, police said.”

The Yahoo article also said “The caller also said the man was pointing his rifle at the interior of his home, police said.”

Who said? He said, they said. Whose home? His home. The caller’s home he said.

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Rajan felt as though someone had been in or was still in his home. “Things were out of place.” So, he apparently had been in the house and had his rifle staging his self in the front of his home.

Calling 9-1-1 upon a break in is the first step when a home break in is believed to have happened. Communication with law enforcement side is key for your own protection coming and going. The LEO does not know if you are the good guy or the bad guy and carrying a rifle just puts you at a higher level of threat. Firing into the house just as police arrive will not help LEO to keep from being threatened.

That is just my first thought!


Rajan needed to have taken a class from someone regarding Home Defense and What to Do When the Police Show Up.


Did the LEO know that it was his home when he arrived on scene? Or, did he see a man with a rifle shoot into “someone’s” home?

What we have to remember is, when LE shows up on the scene, we are NOT LE, so there should be no gun in our hands, and we most definitely shouldn’t be actively engaged in firing it. That’s just so dangerous, and a very stupid proposition to even entertain!


No, they were informed by another person that there was a disturbed person pacing around the front of a house. He should have been on the phone with LE and not trying to do whatever he was trying to do.


The deceased probably was undergoing a mental episode at the time of the fatal shooting.

One can only wonder when the officer feared for his own safety, if the deceased was facing him, where the rifle was pointed, etc. Too many questions.

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