Man brutally attacking officer with hammer

Before the video is removed for whatever reason. See how fast it happens. See how many rounds are fired and miss.


She was extremely fortunate. Unfortunely, she was unable to stop the assault before getting getting hit several or more times. It appears that the shots that hit him finally made him decide to stop attacking.

Detective Travis was also injured from the hammer attack, and she was taken to the hospital, but later release that evening with minor injuries.


Wow, thats horrifying. Her screams, God bless her, I hope she’s okay. I hate violence. It literally makes me feel sick to see and hear something like that.

It does also really drive home how fast bad stuff can come at you, and makes me rethink my 5 shot revolver. On the other hand, it’s small and I can have it in play almost instantly, and it can’t be knocked out of battery in a situation like that.

I hope she recovers well.


Most of us being none LEOs we are fortunate in that if we see a crazy person with a hammer we can often walk the other way instead of having to confront them. But there are plenty of situations where we can be surprised and engaged without time for a clean draw.

I feel a little better about those situations now with the limited martial arts training I have had. I also always feel better carrying a pistol with at least 11 rounds in it in case I’m confronted by a determined crazy person, pack of feral dogs or multiple attackers.


Understood about the 5 shot concern. You do make an interesting observation with the out of battery situation. That is truly an advantage at grappling range. I think a lot of people who carry back up guns might think about a small revolver. For that reason as well as the small size.

I carry a P365 daily. If I ever add a backup, I might very well put one of my J frames in an ankle rig.


The thing that sticks out to me is how many times she shoots this guy and he continues to attack, I didn’t count them but it sounded like 5-6 shots and being that close I would think most hit the guy.

edit: I counted 8 shots


Based on the statistics I have read it seems that a lot miss despite the very close ranges. There is probably a lot of unexpected movement from both the attacker and defender between the time the mind tells the finger to pull the trigger and the time it takes for the trigger to actually be pulled. And that is assuming the person pulling the trigger isn’t just pulling it as fast as they can without really thinking about exactly where the barrel is pointed.

Also if hammer guy is all jacked up on adrenaline he might not even feel the shots for a little bit.


20% is the average hit rate, and people miss at arms distance all the time.

Officers and concealed carriers long running average is 20% hit rate.

Handguns are also weak and ineffective as a general rule. There is a joke based in reality…what does a person do after being shot with a handgun? Whatever they were doing before they were shot with a handgun.

THey might even be fatally wounded, but, keep fighting in the meantime


I forget where I heard this adage. It goes:

“In a Fight, use the Front Sight”.

Comments? Good advice or no?


She didn’t have an Airhorn. :wink:


I’ve never been in a gunfight so can’t speak from experience. I can say that a lot of people either intentionally or unintentionally point shoot without using their sights when trying to shoot quickly. Some argue that in a high stress situation you won’t be able to use your front sight because your eyes will lock on the threat.

When I first started shooting I realized that when going for speed I was actually point shooting. Seems I had a talent for it. My first instructor thought at first that I was an experienced and practiced shooter even though I had just bought the pistol and fired only one magazine through it the week before the class and had very little shooting experience before then.

Point shooting worked pretty well go me but I found the faster I went and more movement I added the more my groups opened up and I ended up with more flyers. Now I practice getting a flash front sight picture before each trigger press. I find that gets rid of the flyers and makes for noticeably tighter groups. And it costs me very little in the speed department. Based on info from other instructors I think with enough practice it is possible to get a quick front sight picture under stress. And I think that would significantly help with accuracy.

Though there are some situations were you may not have time to get the sight up to eye level. Then point shooting would be your only option if you can’t use physical tools to create enough space for an aimed shot.


I’d have had my gun drawn as soon as this gorilla started his approach and constant babbling, with or without the hammer - assaults and other crimes occur in split-seconds! Remember the video showing the LEO suddenly attacked with a hatchet? DON’T let them “get over” on you - SHOOT the sonsabitches! It’s an evident sign of WEAKNESS they can take advantage of!


When I’m working in SoCal I get treated to this kind of behavior on a fairly regular basis. Don’t think it would go over very well if I drew a firearm every time someone approached me babbling incoherently. Even if it was legal for me to carry a firearm there.


First thing that comes to mind and I often suggest is hit the kneecap.
I don’t care how crazy or high from something the thug is. No one ignores a busted kneecap.

Easier said than done?


It’s in Connecticut, not Oakland. :man_shrugging:t4:

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It’s not uncommon in a situation like this one to miss some shots even at close range. it was a high level of stress she was under. He was close enough to try to grab her gun. I believe she was concerned about that.


Point shooting does not mean that your firearm isn’t in a position that you can see your sights, it just means that your firearm is pointed at the intended target. When I practice point shooting during dry-fire, I do it with my eyes closed, I then verify with my eyes open. When the sights are aligned and I can see what I intended to shoot in the sights, to me, that as a hit.


I originally did point shooting regularly from a standard stance and have done the eyes closed practice as well.

More recently I have been doing dry fire drills using a laser cartridge or a shock cord tied to the center of the target. This has been helping me get the barrel pointed at the target very quickly after I get the pistol out of the holster. If I decide I have to take a shot before I can get sights on the target the pistol is already pointing where it needs to as long as the target is close enough.


I am starting to think my sights are just there for looks,I may just take them off cause my eyes aren’t seeing them like they used to😀


I know Right? If I wear my glasses I can see the target just fine, the sight are blurry dots. If I take my glasses of, the sights are clear as day but a target at 20 yards is just a blurry circle.