MagGuts Durability Issue

Hey, everyone. Haven’t posted in some time. I recently had an issue with a product I think everyone should be aware of. It’s the MagGuts +2 magazine baseplates and springs for the P365XL 12 round mags.

I have recently had a problem with one of the two Magguts mods I purchased about two years ago for my Sig P365XL 12 round mags.

I have fired probably a little over 1,000 rounds from both with no issues. However, a problem with durability developed recently.

The baseplate on the magazine I carry in my pistol daily began showing signs of wear and was protruding a little as if it it was about to come off. It seems the plastic from which the baseplate is made weakened over time from being loaded constantly. I was perplexed, as I’ve never seen this happen with any magazine.

As such, I have changed my baseplates and springs back to the Sig OEM.

The modification functions well, but I have found there is an issue keeping a Magguts modded magazine loaded long term. It seems the baseplates aren’t made for that.

I don’t think I’ll be trusting their products again.

Here are some pics.


A lesson I took to heart years ago: Magazines are critically important to the function of semi auto firearms. Don’t duck with magazines.


For self defense, I buy only OEM mags.