Magazine lesson learned

I began getting misfeeds on my S&W MP22 and I was using good ammo. Last week I cleaned the magazines for my Sig 365 and they were not too bad considering all the rounds that went thru it. I never cleaned the magazines on my 22 and I must have put 10,000 rounds thru since I got it. It was just not dirty but actually a thick gunk buildup. At least I saved a trip to the gunsmith.


.22 ammo is lubricated / coated before packaging. It doesn’t make the firearms and magazines dirty but after thousands rounds you can find thick gunk buildup - like you did :point_up:

And you are right - cleaning magazines fixes failure to feed malfunctions in M&P22… in my case it happened with
M&P22C :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that true of all 22 ammo? I know they did that years ago with lead ammo ( haven’t shot a 22 since I was younger. Got a cmmg bravo kit for ar15 but no ammo yet.

So I read this post to my wife and her comment was, “NO ONE likes a dirty piece.” Honestly…I’m pretty sure she was referring to something else…but none the less…always clean your “piece” and “parts”…they’ll all likely perform better :wink:


I use copper plated ammo only and they are also coated.
Aguila is very sticky, CCI a little less.