Machine.Inc and Glock high tech bio security

Don’t know how to link this but you can google it. Bio identification with some bells and whistles, it’s a trigger replacement. It’s supposed to come out some time late this spring for Glock gen 4 and 5. Nothing about testing…‘they’ say it works well.

Another aftermarket gadget… but I’m not sure if I’m going to trust it.
My gun is safest on me and I don’t need app to control it.

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That seems like a lot to trust and to go wrong. I like some of the features a lot, like knowing when it is moved, but I wouldn’t want to have to find and access my phone every time I want to shoot it, or to have to do the same if I required someone else to have to shoot it. a friend or loved one could take it thinking it would fire then put themselves in harm’s way when nothing happened on an attempted trigger pull.

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A life and death decision controlled by my iPhone. What could possibly go wrong?

Aside from the obvious potential for bugs in the software — and I don’t care how much they test the app, because it’s still dependent on the iOS and phone hardware — there is the issue of who has control over the big red button. That wouldn’t happen, you say? Maybe you’re right, and maybe this isn’t even a discussion for this forum. Let’s take it over to Parler.


Not gonna be trusting my life to a Bluetooth app requiring my phone to be present and charged. Especially when the technology already exists to block or scramble Bluetooth signals, easily rendering your gun useless. Not to mention criminal and anti gun hackers being able to get into the app and shut down everyones firearms at the same time.

It will also likely be easy for criminals to uninstall after they take the firearm they just deactivated with their Bluetooth scrambler. And it won’t stop the wrong person from taking your gun and shooting you since they will still be within Bluetooth range. Unless you have to unlock the phone first meaning you have to draw your gun and phone at the same time and hope you can unlock it in the middle of an assault.


I see this as just a gimmick to provide a false sense of security to those not educated in proper firearms safety. I could see so much going wrong with this. Also, replacing the back strap and the trigger is not difficult to do rendering the device useless.


Agree. I think that false sense of security will result in improper storage of firearms and likely result in more accidents and unauthorized use. More importantly the hoplophobes in DC are going to point to this as showing that smart gun technology exists so they can try to mandate it in the future. Even though this “smart” technology is some of the stupidest I have ever seen.


The SafeOp is listed with a retail price of $398, but Machine, Inc. is taking preorders now for half that amount with an estimated delivery date of May, 2021.

So for about the price of a handgun, you can get this Bluetooth trigger lock. I can’t even get Bluetooth to link 100% of the time to my Bluetooth speaker; I can’t imagine trusting it with my family’s safety. Very sketchy website, it provides no information about it, no address, contact info, etc. Just mere co-incidence that they announced this shortly after “gun control” bills requiring “smart gun” technology?

It smells like an anti-rights ploy; we have the technology, it just hasn’t been manufactured yet. Just as there is a Utopia on Earth. That Thoreau failed to achieve it does not mean it can’t exist. It only means mere mortals can’t attain it. We need government to get involved. LOL


No. No. And no. If you can lock your firearm from your cell phone … someone else can as well. Add to that Big Tech hopping in bed with politicians, this is a recipe for disaster. I’m not a Glock owner, but have always respected them for making robust, reliable firearms. That respect has dropped a few notches this morning, allowing their product to be used to promote this Constitution destroyer. “Shall not be infringed.”

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Once this is in common use by LEO/MIL (who ALSO don’t want their firearms stolen) then I would consider implementing this type of device.


That is all.

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I can see a few LE agencies being forced to adopt something like this in cities with anti gun leadership. The criminals will have a field day in these cities as soon as the scrambling tech becomes readily available on the black market which will likely be within a few months of adoption.

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But the how is John Wick going to grab guns as he works his way to the other bad guys?

How is Bryan Mills going to safe his wife and daughter with is specific set of skills.

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This is right up there with gyro rocket guns…I think I will just say NO! Heck No!

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They will have to start using “Master Smartphone” which hacks everything, everywhere, anytime…