MAB Model A 25Cal/6.35mm Pistolet

A friend handed me a paper bag last night and asked me if I could find out some information about the contents. More important to them is they would like for me to shoot it. This is what was in the bag:

After some research this morning I have concluded it is a Browning FN 1906 copy manufactured in France by MAB. This S/N appears to have been manufactured in early 1957. MAB was absorbed into FN some time in the1970’s and closed in 1982. The design incorporates a thumb safety, a magazine safety, and a grip safety. The trigger pull feels like about 15 pounds In its current condition. I plan to measure it prior to cleaning and lubing.

My current plan is to clean and lube with CLP and if every thing checks out both visually and functionality, then a test firing. I do not intend to attempt to burnish nor polish anything as I expect that would subtract from any historical and/or monitary value.

Does anyone have different advise before I take off with the plan above?


A couple more photos:

MAB is Manufacture d’Armes Automatiques de Bayonne

WAC is a U.S. importer, Western Arms Corporation.


I would let it soak for 24 Hrs. in the CLP and most of the gunk should wipe right off and a stiff nylon brush for the stubborn spots. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hopefully I did not do an “oops” by dry firing it?


Oops. :man_facepalming: I was thinking you could use a aerosol gun cleaner for the tiny cracks and crevices.


Looking at the picture of the left side of the slide, it appears to say it’s a .25 cal. I think you’re safe as .25 is a centerfire cartridge.


Yes, I have it partially disassembled now. The field strip instructions said to dry fire it take it apart, so I did measure the trigger pull. It runs 11 to 18 pounds depending on how high or low you are on the trigger.


Kind of odd the magazine release is on the bottom rear of the grip. The magazine does not fly out on its own :grinning:


The chamber and bore initially looked pretty discouraging :-1: A cartridge went less than half way in on a plunk test. A look down the barrel was a complete black out. After some chemicals and a lot of elbow grease, the chamber passes the plunk test :+1:

Now that I can see down the barrel, it looks like it has not seen very many bullets down the pipe! Not surprised considering the intended purpose of this design.


You “lucky dog”. .25 ACP.

I actually saw a few boxes of that ammo at a local gun shop last year. I never realized, they started making that firearm, FN Model, in the year 1906.

And there’s a story that during WW-II, there were about 100 Jewish persons about to be taken to a death camp, when a resistance formed, armed with some FN Model 1906’s, they fought off soldiers and escaped to freedom.

I always wanted to try .25 ACP as a CCW EDC, but could not find one which is allowed in my state.

Beyond my knowledge, a couple of times, after I did my work on my own “oldies”, I paid a “Smith” at a gun shop to fine tune and test fire for me. It was worth the expense.

Be well friend. Please let us know how it goes further. I love stories of restoring old guns. I did for a 1937 Mossberg rifle from “grandpa”.


Neat little restoration project!!!

Definitely don’t want to be in front of a .25!

I have a Walther model 7 in .25 that needs an extractor if you know anywhere I might find one!

Before the extractor took a flight at the end of the firing cycle….


That could be a tough one considering they were built for a maximum of 4 years (1915 - 1919) according to this link:
Walther Model 7 & 8 (

It might be possible an extractor from another model in that timeframe might use the same one.

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Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I haven’t had any luck as of yet.

None the less, I’m definitely watching this thread on this little vest gun! :+1::+1::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Try giving these guys a call regarding the Walther Model 7 extractor:
Gun Parts & Firearm Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts (

Again thanks! :+1::+1::+1:

Seriously, I’m not trying to hyjack this thread!

I love these vintage vest pocket poppers!

They just have that,… “THATS A GUN!?!?!!” Vibe!

And yeah, I would NOT want to be on the receiving end of my little Walther, I imagine when you get that Frenchie running it will be very much the same!

Ruger Mark I and II .22s have the same set up, which doesn’t really lend itself to speedy mag changes

FYI, the .25, being a centerfire cartridge, can be (CAREFULLY) reloaded. If you choose to do this, you can find the dies and projectiles so you can load a 50 grain bullet with bullseye-1.0 grains (650FPS) at the low end to 1.2 grains (800 FPS) HOT!! Thus, the “CAREFUL” advisory. On the other hand, store bought ammo can be found for $20 more or less /50, so why would you want to reload except, of course, if the SHTF.

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That was a good call Bruce :+1: Every thing came apart very easily today. After dissassembling the trigger group parts, I don’t think I am going to be able to resist cleaning and polishing some of the internal parts to make it work smoother. The only parts that are clean and shiny are the sear and striker interfaces! I will be leaving those alone.


I’m glad it worked. From the looks it needs some polishing, A Dremel with cotton tips and polishing paste. I like to bring “old things” back to life to. :slightly_smiling_face:


A light coat of oil on all the moving parts when you’re done wouldn’t hurt either.


I’ve been looking at this pistolet design for several days now and trying to figure out how it ejects a spent case. Then I ran across a youtube video of “jeffshootsstuff” with an FN Browning M1905. In the video he gives a safety warning regarding ejecting a live round from the chamber. He basically says do it very slowly because the firing pin does double duty to not only strike the primer, but also becomes the ejector :grimacing:

I don’t have any 25ACP dummy rounds nor even a spent case to test with, so I am very happy I saw this video before I accidently shot a hole in my wall doing a function test. Function testing will have to wait till range day for this one.

FN Browning M1905 .25 ACP Vest Pocket Pistol 1906 Jeff Shoots Stuff (