M&P Thumb Safety info?

My Google-Fu has come up with nothing… Does anyone know what the thumb safety on an M&P 2.0 does mechanically? Is it a secondary block on some part? All I can find on the web is how to install, how to uninstall, or come across endless arguments on why someone shouldn’t/should have a thumb safety… I’m not interested in any of that.

Specifically, I would be very appreciative if someone could either point me to a video, picture, or even verbally describe what the M&P thumb safety does mechanically inside the firearm, such as whether it reinforces the trigger safety, adds a secondary mechanism to block “x” or disengage “y”, etc.

have you checked M&P manual?
hopefully this explains.

the same for M&P ver 1 (just smaller lever)

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Thanks Jerzy this helps a lot.

Is this the only function of the M&P thumb safety or does it do anything else besides block the trigger?

Just blocking the trigger.
This is just secondary safety trigger blocking mechanism. First is trigger by itself.

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Thanks, Jerzy!

UR Welcome !
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