Loving my new state

As some may know, I was moving from CT to WV after a multi year search. Bought a house in WV last fall, and have averaged a week or so a month there, hiking, shooting, bringing boxes of my wife’s clothes and the firearms CT decided are suddenly illegal unless they get registered/registered again. Barry54 paid a visit, we had fun, played with some .300bo and winmag loads, and tried one of my suppressors on his Keltec cp-33 which he got a kick out of (it’s okay, he’s in my nfa trust). Movers are coming for the second load this month and I’m bringing my wife down for the first and last time, going to spend a week with her then head back up to put the CT place on the market. Anyways, the local range…swings on one side, rifle, pistol ranges and a shotgun field on the other. Town park.
The car was my son’s. Same model that won the first race he ever saw 25 years ago. Got one of his bdu shirts on the passenger seat back.
Barry on the win mag


Looks and feels like FREEDOMS in the air, 24/7.
Glad you’re feelin good!


Enjoy good sir. Wv is a blast. Great place with great people. God knows you deserve it. God bless you sir.


Y’all ain’t say’s it write! It’s West by god Virginia.

Oops I included god. This post must be banished to the outer darkness.


I catch myself, out on hikes and sometimes just in the yard saying “oh my God” due to the views…that West by God Virginia is no exaggeration.
I love the topography, found a house on a flat acre, joke I’ve got my little piece of Kansas, but have mountains in both sides which makes cloud watching great during the day, and the stars are very bright at night. Things like that help with the spiritual side of things. I love watching the clouds come down the main road.

Down the road. Definitely Gods country.


WV is the last of America. Looks awesome. So much to do there.


Looks Great Matt!! I’m happy for you and Janice.


Lot of touring and adventure bikes going by the house. Beautiful roads and scenery.
The Challenger is very happy there, as long as I stick to pavement lol.
Your comment “last of America.” Hopefully not, not sure, but yeah, it reminds me of CT the “Constitution State”…55 years ago, when I was a kid. Those days are sure gone, though my town here still feels like small town America… except for the taxes…and state laws…sigh…


I’ve ridden through there plenty of times. It is absolutely beautiful and the people are top notch. Genuine.


It’s an awesome feeling when you smile to yourself and know that you’ve made the right choice. Enjoy and cherish the new landscape and newfound freedom that comes with it; wishing all the best to you and yours!


Fabulous choice and rewarding adventure in your future. Go ahead, shoot up the town. (Just kidding) Say Hi to your dog: What you don’t have a dog?

This Marine is still stuck in Southern Kalifornia.


Happy for you and glad you made the right move, it looks beautiful.