Louisiana Only: Protective Orders - Must You Turn in Your Firearms?

Question: Reciprocating protective orders.

I may file a protective order over a recent incident against the alleged perpetrator. I have two concerns:

  1. That as part of the protective order (?) the enforcement agencies may require the turning in of firearms.

  2. The perpetrator will likely file a counter one against me and anyone else.

So my question is this is not a domestic situation (over a deed restriction). Will the court require us to have us give up our firearms during this period. Under state law we can give them to someone else, it does not have to be the police. However, I don’t believe the police can surely get all the guns in his possession plus I do not like the idea of being defenseless.

Do I have to give up my guns in a situation like this?


An alleged perpetrator with a protective order against him (especially with a criminal history) WON’T give up HIS firearm, “WHY?” because he DON’T OBEY LAWS to begin with. It’s his thought to have an advantage over his accuser. A DIRTY PLAYER! Whoever you’re dealing with, always WATCH YOUR BACK! Ask an attorney about the firearm situation when filing the protective order.


Just my 2¢. Try to protect yourself instead of letting a protective order do it. I think the odds are in your favor.


@Nathan83 Man as bad as I would like to offer an opinion, you need some straight truth: You Need A Lawyer to answer these type questions. I really wish I could help, and if I did by chance, then just know that’s the extent to which I am able to do so. I do hope that you will share the outcome. Best to you, my friend.


Thank you all very much. I thought my statement at least implied that I did not want to give up my firearms because frankly I can protect myself. The advantage though of a protective order or several fold. First off it identifies that you have a problem with a particular individual. If a defensive shooting occurs, you will have documented that this problem has been ongoing. Further if he does anything as dumb as showing up on your property for any reason you have just cause to get him arrested. The police will likely arrest him if we go through the trouble of getting a protective order, but I’m not going to get one if there is absolutely any risk at all of having my firearms either sees or moved away from me. I’m just trying to find out what will happen under the law, and the uscca is thinking about doing an article on protective orders since we all might have to use one one day and we need to know what happens under our states particular law. Remember how firearm is to get you out of a situation that you didn’t anticipate not one that you sought!

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