Louisiana Man Fatally Shoots Friend While Admiring His Gun: Report

I came across this article this morning and thought how horrible this is! Keep in mind the victim is the suspect’s childhood friend (This is why we treat a gun as though it loaded).


Lesson for others… ALWAYS triple check / inspect the gun before you handle it to other person.



I can’t figure out why the gun was even pointed in the same direction! Much less have his finger on the trigger and no knowledge of if it was loaded (I sincerely can say, I’ll put my finger on it at the range…no hate in yall’s game, just what I take seriously).


Personal rules:
In a public/social setting, don’t hand over my weapon just so “someone can see it.”
Even at the range, never hand off a loaded weapon.

Not to blame the victim, but both these guys were careless at the very least. Plenty of responsibility to go around. This is what can happen when you treat your gun like a fashion accessory instead of like a powerful tool that is dangerous in untrained hands.


I created my own rule long time ago. “If you pass a firearm to anyone, even your Family members, that person has no idea what is it and it’s your responsibility to secure the firearm first”.

I came through it by myself when I was handled a pistol first time. I had no frickin idea what I was doing, how to keep it, muzzle was going all around, pointing on everyone and everything… I broke EVERY security rule… And of course the first newbie mistake… my finger right away found the trigger.:grimacing:


So sad and unnecesary. :slightly_frowning_face:

Safe gun handling includes CLEARING the firearm before handing it to someone else, having them CONFIRM it’s clear, and then THEY check to see it’s clear as well when they pick it up. WHY would you not clear it first? and WHY would you hand a gun to someone you didn’t know FOR SURE knew how to handle it safely? :slightly_frowning_face:


This was such a horrific event that could have been avoided!

Two lives lost here in my opinion.

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