Los Angeles Crime Spree

Just like in NYC, some banks and other financial institutions are counselling employees not to wear wedding rings to work and also avoid taking public transportation, to avoid being a target. Also many residents are taking Lyft and Uber instead of driving themselves because the driver waits until the passenger safely enters their home before driving off----another layer of security.
All the high end stores in my daughter’s neighborhood (the Grove) are still open, but boarded up.

This certainly fosters a very real element of fear not only for residents, but visitors.
I’m wondering about what other measures Angelenos, and others visiting LA deem prudent?


Live in fear.

It’s for your own good


Crazy. I wonder if they will ever figure out how liberalism goes hand in hand with a lot of this.


Hey Fred_G, they won’t figure high crime out because it is easier to claim, “TRUMP DID IT”.


Weren’t the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah following similar dress-down idea, to be safe from thievery of their fellow citizens.

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My daughter reports that thieves have commonly robbed customers seated at sidewalk cafes (this is in Covid fearing LA, remember) of their watches and jewelry.

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