Looks like I'm taking a trip to Indy

First Black-owned gun shop to open in Indy | wthr.com

I have to support anyone daring enough to open a new business right now, even if it has been a good year for gun stores (would have been an even better year if they could get more inventory).

I’m not so much wrapped around the racial aspect of this story, but I do find it interesting that he’ll be the first black gun store owner in Indiana. Also interesting that they can’t share the location of his business.


^^^ Exactly! We’re wishing him all the best luck and success!


I don’t care what color, or gender the owner is. If they support the 2nd Amendment, and I’m in the area, I’ll support their business. I think the bigger story is a 39 year old, opening his own gun store. He will sell firearms, encourage training, and do some of the training himself. That’s a win for the 2A in my book.


I agree with you @45IPAC

This is just one of them things that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: me off. That fact they had to use the color of his skin in the story is inappropriate. The fact he is opening a store during these trying times should be the story. The fact he is opening a gun store during a time where a tyrannical government that’s trying to destroy our 2A rights is the story.

That’s how the Media divides us. We are all human and skin color should not be a part of it.

I live here in Indiana and I will go down to Indy and support this gun shop. But not because of the color of his skin. Because I support all small, home grown type shops. I rarely shop at big name stores.

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I’d normally agree, except he’s the first black owner of a gun shop in the entire state. The first??? That’s an interesting bit of trivia. It makes me ask more questions, like- why did it take until 2021 for a black Hoosier to open a gun store? Is it a cultural thing? Are there laws or regulations that have prevented black Americans from owning a gun store? Or is the 2A club just so small that it took a young kid who liked hanging out at Don’s Guns to try something different?