Looks Like America

Ok, I’m seeing lots of hype about a certain proposed press team and how it “looks like America” and the best I can come up with is… ‘you mean…(drum roll please…)… no balls’?

I guess it’s what you get if you, as a nation, allow to unsecure your borders, remove your police, let non-citizens and dead people vote, burn and loot your cities, attack your heritage, and tear down the system that has produced the highest standard of living and the most technology in history.

But in light of all this what I really want to discuss as a pro 2A, employed, worked my way through school, veteran is '“what’s a hollow point and isn’t it dangerous if I have one in the chamber?”


Every time someone tries to define what America looks like, they fail. We’re simply too diverse.

Note, for example, how many of the USCCA members here don’t fit the stereotype of the redneck gun owner living in his trailer out in the woods, clinging to his God and his gun. We have people of different skin colors, economic backgrounds, religions, and yes, even political parties. (I’ll bet we have some immigrant citizens here, but I’m not sure.)

People hate it when we don’t fit into their demographic stereotypes.


A trailer in the woods sounds pretty good right now. But alas, someone would decide to try and tell you how to live & how to act there as well…


Yeah. I’ve been that guy living in a trailer in the woods. In some ways it’s liberating, but you’re never completely free of oversight. It’s mostly just that you’re inconvenient to those who would regulate you. There are down sides, though, like bears breaking in to your kitchen while you’re trying to sleep.


Folks, I hate to say this, but this is what Biden and Harris is going to do, let all the illegals cross the borders, and take your jobs, then we as Americans will be the minority, then we will have to deal with socialism. All the more reason why we as Americans need to protect ourselves, families, loved ones, and the 2nd amendment.


I have, in the past even, always appreciated all the things life has to offer, good and bad. As for the bad was not enjoyable, nor would I want to experience it again, to have experienced it has made me wiser to the experience. I have rubbed elbows with the rich and not famous and had a private detective called on me because they heard back in 1983, I bought a gun, from a friend, and they said I was running the black market on guns. I was a gun runner, outlaw. On my side of the story, the gun had a bad firing pen and I knew I could fix it so, he sold it to me.
When I was in the Marine Corps a Marine in my company was Mexican with a green card serving in the Marine Corps getting his citizenship upon his Honorable Discharge. He was a hard working man and a good friend.
Another friend was a bull rider and also rode for the Marine Corps.
I have family that live off grid, In matter of fact, my grandmother and family came from West Virginia to Washington State. My grandmother baby sat for the Hatfields. I remember her saying," It all started because of that damn pig!"
Then there is some friends I have that are Native Americans. Getting to know them and how deeply family oriented that they are has been an honor. I have a strong friendship with them. The Chinese guys that work soo hard at learning the English language but are so fun to get to know and are so willing to share with me.
So, as for looks like America, you can not just look at one thing and call it America. It is too massive to focus on one single entity. It involves everybody and every religion, and every political belief, every culture, every type of food under the sun. If America was in the Dictionary properly, it would say the United States of Diversity.


I like my trailer in the woods. :wink:


@Greg35 Thank you for your service and are you serious with the hollow point and one in the chamber questions? Based on the thread it seems like sarcasm but if you got questions youbare in the right place to get answers.

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Your sarcasm meter is functioning correctly… it was sarcasm.

I tend to lean towards show me the results and please filter out the unnecessary information so we can get to the bottom line and make the decision.

So, the reiterative reincarnation of fundamental points previously addressed adnausium periodicly drives me crazy (think Bill Murray, Caddy Shack, & Groundhogs Day).

This said, I do recognize that everyone started somewhere and I do usually enjoy teaching (and learning) in person. It’s pretty cool to see how the switch flips when you give the tools to go from apprehension (or false confidence in some cases) to semi-competence.

And by the way, yes, it was a bit of a good natured jab at how we often focus on mundane items while significant ones border on taboo. But I know… we are not here to save the world… we are here to learn and share about legal self defense and it’s real world implications.

But remember this… while we debate one in the pipe for the Nth time, two juridictions have disallowed ‘murder insurance’ and ‘winter is coming’. That guy from the basement said so…


“Looks Like America” in context to your reference might mean “Looks Like the Version of America We want to Create (or control).” I’m not going to start singing Jeremiah was a bullfrog… It isn’t OK to flood the country with illegal aliens. Support groups like Raza, BLM and AntiFa. Burn down cities. Force the closure of hundreds of thousands of small businesses. Two-tiered justice system. Give China a free pass. Undermine the Constitution. Confiscate guns. Persecute middle-class Americans by taxing the hell out of them. Turn MSM into a communist propaganda arm. The worst yet this year is blatantly stealing an election and totally denying it. “Looks Like Venezuela” instead.


Agree 100%


I don’t like the term, “immigrant citizens.” Why can’t we just be AMERICANS? In my opinion, if the Democrats/Communists would leave us alone, I think we could become one nation and not continue to break up into tribes.


A citizen is a citizen with all the same rights and ‘RESPONSIBILITIES’.
What people neglect (i.e. certain representatives) is that these responsibilities also make you accountable for treason and sedition.
If you are here illegally then you are an illegal, not even entitled to the prison food. Just deportation.


THIS is how we should demand that ALL of our elected officials represent us and look out for our interests.